Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keepers at Home

KEEP ~ to provide with maintenance & support; to raise; to maintain; to manage or have charge of; to remain fresh or unspoiled; to prevent; to save, reserve; observe; to maintain in good condition; for an indefinitely long period of time  

HOME ~ an institution where people are cared for; comfortable & relaxed; a base of operations {Sounds like a military base preparing our children for battle.  Sending out good soldiers for Christ.}

Just reading the definitions was a lot in relation to how I am to KEEP my home.  After my mind felt like it could handle new information, I moved on to the concordance and my Bible.  Almost all of the verses that I read had to do with two things.
1) Keepers of prisons
Their job was very serious.  They could not be lazy, but had to fervently watch and make sure no one who was given to them was lost.  They were not in charge, but had to answer to a higher authority and were put to death if they lost anyone put in their charge. 

~God has given us a job just as serious as a keeper of a prison.  He has given precious souls into our care that we are to watch with the same intensity a keeper of the prison would watch over his prisoners.  We have not only been given our precious children to keep, but also we are to 'keep' {provide with maintenance & support; maintain in good condition} our husbands.  Oh!  How serious this job is!  We must not let any of them escape or we will give an account before God!

2)Keepers of gates
They stood there intently watching everything that went into the city and out of the city, protecting the city from enemies without and within.  They were not to get careless or let anything escape their watchful eye, for it could bring destruction to their city. 

~Just as the keeper of the gate, we are to intently watch EVERYTHING that comes into our home - by way of friends, music, computer, movies, etc..  We are also to watch everything "going out" - carefully watching our children for any seed of rebellion, laziness, etc...Satan is always looking for an opportunity to destroy the home and family and he will take any little opportunities he can get.

~We are to be a keeper at home FOR KEEPS.~  "...that the Word of God be not blasphemed."

Missed a lesson?

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