Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Little Man is 1!

Samuel James - always full of giggles and smiles; sometimes a little mischievous; very active; with a love to put things together; a super tiny baby, now turning into a big boy

Friday we celebrated Sammy's first birthday.  I can hardly believe how fast this year has flown!  We didn't have a big party, just a small, quiet family "party".

We started the day out with balloons all over the floor.  This is starting to become a 1 year old celebration tradition.  I love seeing how big their eyes get when they first wake up to colorful balloons covering the floor. :)

We then had pancakes.  I didn't put whipped topping and strawberries on them this time, but instead did sprinkles and fun little shapes.

As you can see, he LOVED them.  {We're working on the not stuffing the face thing.}

Then it was time for presents.
{Yes, I know.  It's a Christmas bag.  The heat is making me miss the snow...JUST KIDDING!}

I think he had more fun putting the cars in and taking them out of the bag. ;)

After Sammy had a nap, we ate homemade pizza and lemon poppy seed pound cake.  I really had my heart set on making this train looks super adorable and easy, but sometimes plans have to change.  I had stashed away a little train that I put on top of the cake.  Sammy thought that was great.  Doesn't the train look like it's on a snow topped mountain? you have to use A LOT of imagination.  Eric liked it better because it makes less mess...I kinda like the 1st birthday frosting-all-over-the-face pictures.

Sammy wouldn't let anyone near that cake.  haha

After naps, we went out to fly a kite...
...or at least we tried.  Bree said at least it was entertaining to watch us run all over the field.

I guess Sammy didn't think so...

"You get back here, boy!"

Happy Birthday smiley!
I love you!


  1. Loved the pictures of Sammy crawling in the fields. So cute with the balloons. I looked at the link for the train cake--I might try it for our 4 year old grandson's birthday in a week and a half. Praying for your services tomorrow. Love in our Saviour, Donna

  2. Your kids are just too cute! I love the pictures of your girls in their pretty dresses too!

  3. Has it really been a year already?!?! Happy Birthday Sammy!!!


  5. Donna, I'm sure he would LOVE it if you made him that cake. :)

    Thank you all for Sammy's birthday wishes! And yes, already been a year. Time flies SO fast!

  6. Happy 1st birthday, sweet boy! I loved his pictures crawling through the field...



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