Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We went to bed last night with no snow on the ground and awoke to a winter wonderland.  It was absolutely beautiful and I could not resist trudging through the snow for a few pictures.
 The first, good snow fall always makes me think of this verse.  The snow is able to make even piles of trash beautiful.

 Inside my girlies were playing so sweetly that I couldn't help but bring out the camera again.

Then Papa taught them a new game.  Can you guess what it is?
Anna got quite into it.
Then there are always "workouts" with Grampy when he gets home from work...
It has been such a blessing to be able to spend time with our family for Christmas.  This is the first Christmas we've had with them in 5 years and our children's first time every spending it with family.  They are getting a little spoiled.

Whether you are home in the states or on the mission field somewhere, have a very 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still Waiting

And on an emotional roller coast with pre labor contractions (pre labor sounds so much better than false labor, don't you think?) coming and going.  Words are a little bit scrambled lately and I am starting to slow down.  I think I become a little more reclusive the closer I get.  SO, he could come any day...then again, he may decide to wait a little longer to brave meeting his noisy brother and sisters. ;)

Between contractions, we have been keeping very busy.  I forgot how busy things are in the states around Christmas!  The kids are LOVING all of the Christmas decorations and frequently yell out "Christmas on my side!" when driving.  Anna is constantly saying, "Beautiful!"  Last weekend (at least I think it was last weekend...not doing so well at keeping up with time), we all went with Grampy and Grammy to pick out their tree.  The girls were giddy the entire time.

Then we all decorated the tree (well, everyone except for Eric and Uncle Travis)...

...and grampy.

Pretty girls. :)
Anna kept saying she wanted to bring the tree back to Ukraine with us to our house.  Christmas in America has been fun for the girls, but I'm also thankful for our simple, Christmases in Ukraine - without all of the flashing lights, Santa Clauses and abundant presents.  A time when we can simply remember the birth of Christ.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unfocused...but Ready?

If you haven't noticed, computer time has been cut WAY down.  Since Eric got back, we have been rushing around trying to get things ready for the baby.  Not only did I not have a single outfit for our little guy but there were other things we had to get since we are having a home birth.  Finally I think everything is in order.  

The girls and I have also been visiting the nursing home with Eric's Aunt Trisha on Wednesdays as well.  First we stop by some individual rooms to visit, sing and recite some verses.  Afterwards we meet in a little room to do a Bible lesson and more singing.  I have loved being able to help and getting a chance to play the piano.  I only managed one picture of the girls with a sweet, Christian lady named Madeline.

Walmart has become less intimidating, though I still prefer the smaller Walmart to the Super Walmart.  I also found a really nice children's thrift store which I am in love with.  Anna was especially excited because they had a long, pretty "princess" dress (Christmas plaid on bottom, black velvet on top) which she had specifically prayed for.

Any spare time I have has been spent devouring books.  I think my book wish list is about a mile long.  Even though I feel SO blessed to have the internet and be able to read almost anything I want there, there is nothing quite like holding a book in my hands.  Not that I need my wish list any longer, but I'd LOVE to know of any good books you are reading now.  Also, we are planning on buying some homeschool books while in the states and I would love your opinions.  My husband is leaning towards just sticking with one curriculum and he is leaning towards Abeka, but he also supports any other suggestions I make.  It feels like such a big responsibility and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed.  I'm leaning towards mixing different things, but when I am overwhelmed, just consider going with Abeka.  Would love any advice, tips and suggestions you have.

Well, think I'm going to close for now as Eric just came in and my mind is unfocused now.


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