Friday, June 24, 2011

Cake & Wife Lessons

Yesterday Bree, Lina, I and the kids headed over to Kristina's house for her Bible lesson on marriage.  This week though she asked that we come early and teach her how to make a cake.  The cake she wanted to make was Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes...except we doubled the recipe and made it a cake.  This is a must-make for me every year which I always anxiously look forward to.  I've tried making it with frozen strawberries, but it just doesn't taste as good.  It was pretty interesting trying to convert everything in my head to grams AND explain everything in Russian as I was going {I taught the "cake lesson" without Lina there}.  We completely winged it.  We didn't have vanilla for the frosting, so we just added extra strawberry puree and we also had less powder sugar.  We just whipped together what we had.  They said it was EXCELLENT.  (Cake and frosting note: beat the butter until it is super fluffy and smooth BEFORE adding any other ingredients.  WARNING!  This cake is pretty sweet.)

Lydia as we were walking over...everyone else was carrying something.
It didn't last long!

GROSS!  Bree took a picture then gave the pot to Max.  He "cleaned" the pan.

The lesson did not go as well as I had planned because the kids were already getting restless AND I forgot my Bible and notes!!!  We talked a little about last weeks assignment {finding ways to serve her husband}.  She also surprised us by having her verse memorized!  She had mentioned last week how sometimes she just didn't feel like serving her husband so her memory verse was:

"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;"
Colossians 3:23

(Did you know that earlier in that chapter it tells wives to submit to their own husbands?)  She was supposed to tell me in what ways she has gone out of her way to serve her husband, but she skipped that part.  This week she is studying joyfulness and is working on developing a more joyful spirit.  I felt like I was not able to discuss things as well as I would have liked because Yuri's mom came out and the kids were getting really restless by then.  She does have a printed lesson to read for the week as well.  I ask that you will pray for me as I teach these lessons on the role of the wife that God will give me wisdom and that He will provide good situations for teaching.  Pray also for Kristina as she studies to be a godly, christian wife.


  1. Hurray for doing it in Russian! I agree it is hard to teach with your kids around. I have tried witnessing with Seth around. It doesn't work very well. Too many interruptions as Mommy has to keep saying, "Stay close. Don't do that. Quiet down. Let ME do the talking." Ha Ha

  2. Yes, Great job doing it in Russian! What an opportunity! I'll be praying for you. BTW your kids are so sweet! :-)

  3. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on expecting your new little one!! I'm sure you are all very excited! =)

    Secondly, I 'thirdly' vote, "Great job" on using your Russian! I know the struggle I still have (after almost 3 years) in communicating in Spanish, so I can't even imagine it in Russian!! And yes, with children around, it is even more difficult - but the only way to speak better is to practice (so they can correct the inevitable mistakes!!)! =)

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, and give you wisdom as you live your days for Him!


  4. Are you coming up with the lessons on your own, or are you using a book? For the first Bible study I taught in Russian, I "cheated" by using a great video series by Denise Glenn. Also, Creative Counterpart is a good wife book with a Bible study that has been translated into Russian.

    And guess what? We went to our dacha on Friday. First thing, I got out the broccoli seeds, set them on the table, and told Will that they were for Jessica. And, um, they're still sitting there. Hopefully I'll get them to you in time for a fall crop....



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