Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Busy Week

Last week was such a busy week. Even though we will be finishing up this Bible series with a few people (Elena, Yuri, and Christina), we plan on continuing Bible lessons with them. We do not believe that Yuri and Christina are saved and are unsure about Elena. We greatly desire to see them saved. Please be praying as we will be finishing the lesson with Elena on Wednesday and Yuri and Christina on Thursday.

Above is a picture of Elena. Here she looks happy and easy going, but she has a very hard life.

Below are pictures from this past Thursday night Bible study in the village. The girls and I went this time and we didn't get home until 11:30 pm! The girls did surprisingly well. (They always go to bed at 6 pm.) The Bible study is held at Yuri's house which is only one room and a kitchen.
Eric, Anna, and Max playing outside after Bible lessons.
Christina and Lina separating cucumbers...YUMMY!
Anna, Lina, and Christina in the kitchen

Anna playing hide and seek
Lydia is looking a little tired. Poor girl.
Max- still FULL of energy
Christina and Yuri

Ukrainian home tidbit: In some of the pictures you can notice a rug hanging on a wall, you also see that in many pictures of Ukrainian homes. Not only do they add some beauty to their homes, but also help to keep them warmer.

Those pictures are from Wednesday and Thursday. We went to the metro to pass out Johns and Romans on Friday. I would have taken pictures, but my camera batteries were dead. Max gets right in front of people so that they can't avoid him and Anna got so tired of people rejecting her that she started giving them to me just to hear someone say "Thank you"!

On Saturday, Lina, the girls and I went to the open air market. One of the vendors we stopped at had a ton of purses. Anna thought that was great. She picked up one of the purses and put it over her shoulder, and went and looked in the mirror-with the encouragement of everyone in the store. She must have done this like 5 times. I REALLY wish I could have taken a video or even some pictures. Lina and I had to try on a few of the purses that she picked up because they looked so cute on her. We were gone about 7 hours and neither of us bought a single thing! (Our husbands were shocked...and probably happy.)

Sunday we had our regular services (we have our morning services, a meal, then our "evening" service). Following that, Eric started up Bible lessons with Vladamir again. Tatiana was also at church and Eric invited her to stay for Bible lessons. While Eric was giving lessons to Vladamir and Tatiana, I took the kids outside (Anna, Lydia, and Max).

I'm supposed to have Russian lessons on Monday and Thursday mornings, but have canceled the Monday lessons for a little while because our schedule is so crazy. It has been so nice to have one somewhat normal day with the girls at home.

Besides the Saturday shopping, that's a pretty typical week for us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, it is now 11:30 pm here and I am exhausted but am again spending another night trying to suppress a cough. After having two really bad nights, I finally went to the doctor's office today (okay, I didn't really have a choice, I have a husband who loves me). They think that I have bronchitis. I have some different things that I am trying and they seem to be making it a little better, but still would appreciate it if you all would be praying for me. I really need sleep, so I guess that I will give it a try.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Day in the Village

On Friday we went out to the village where we are having Bible studies and spent the day with Yuri. (The Bible studies are in his home.) We brought food for a feast and groceries for him. After stuffing ourselves, the guys went fishing, and us ladies just had fun breathing in the fresh village air...and playing with the cute kids. ;) Anna had SO much fun running around, as you can see from the pictures.

Some of Yuri's green houses (we were actually supposed to be putting plastic on them, but it was too windy).

Yuri's house is one of the houses in the background. Every time I go into one of their homes, I'm amazed at their poverty. I plan on taking some pictures next time.

The river by his house. I plan on putting a verse on this picture and framing it. Just looking at it is relaxing!

Miss Anna

Anna and Max

Eric, Yuri and Max fishing


Lydia with our church translator Lina. It's SO nice to have her back!


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