Saturday, September 22, 2012

Season of Change

Six and a half more weeks until we hope to be flying out to Ukraine.  It seems so far away, yet so close considering how much more we have to do.  As I type, our passports and visa applications are sitting somewhere at the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, D.C. waiting to be either denied or granted.  During this (short) period of time, we were told of the White's situation with the registration.  As far as we know, they are the first missionaries in Ukraine to experience this new law of UN-registering.  My heart goes out to them as I know it has already been a long, hard almost year for them.  We kept joking with them (in a serious way) about staying and working with us, but they always said they were too old for that.  Now to have to deal with the Ukrainian system...I know they covet your prayers.  They have been told that, according to the law, they must now un-register, pay a fine, then immediately leave the country and stay out for 3 months.  This would leave our dear church once again without a Pastor for a month.  Please, please pray for our little-growing church that God would protect it if it is His will for this to be.  God has been bringing in many new visitors and Nastia's dad even said that, if she gets her homework done, she can go to Sunday School on Sunday.  Pray, pray, pray for this little girl and her family.

As I think about our little church, I cannot help but remember our dear Russian Mama, Valentina.  It has been nearly 3 months since she has come to the church.  I would love to believe that once we get back, she will also come back, but I am thinking that she probably will not.  When she first left, it was extremely just won't be the same without her...but the Lord has help give me peace through this and I have left her in His hands.

Everyone keeps asking us, "What will you do if you can't get back in?"  To be honest, we don't really entertain that thought often.  We tried talking about it a few times, going between Ukraine and somewhere else every 3 months, switching mission fields...but nothing seems right.  How can it?  Our hearts our there and we will pray and trust that God will make a way for us to get back home.  If not, He will change our hearts.

Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet notes.  You are all such a blessing and encouragement to me and I have enjoyed getting a chance to visit with some of you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.
Mark 6:31 

Reading this verse this morning I felt as if Jesus was speaking directly to me.  The disciples were coming to Jesus and telling Him what they were doing (in His name) and teaching.  They were constantly surrounded by people coming and going, and they couldn't even sit down to have a meal in peace!  Some days it seems as if the kids are up before me, they are tired and cranky during meal times...oh!  To find a desert place!

So many times I have felt guilty over this overwhelming desire to have some quiet time.  Some time to come away.  I felt as if it was some faulty character.  But Jesus Himself understood the frailty of man, being a man Himself.  And He too, separated Himself to pray and rest.

May I follow His example and withdraw myself from the noise and cares of this life, even if it requires me to get up earlier in the morning, that I may not get too tired to do what He has called me to do...which is, first, to be a wife and mother; second, a missionary to Ukraine.  I cannot do it of my own strength.  I NEED His guidance in every aspect of my life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick Hi!

Where to begin?  I have written so many posts...just in my head.  I have MILLIONS of photos and picking which ones to share is going to be impossible.  For starters, we posted an update on our visas and the church in Ukraine on our ministry blog.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we get prepare to head back home.

 And I know you are all wondering, "Could that possibly be little Daniel?!?!"  Yes.  That chubby rascal is my Daniel.  He's not so tiny any more!!  (But he's still just as adorable!)

 The past few weeks I have felt about like these pictures and have not been feeling very well.  Praying that we can get things all figured out before we head back.  We are trying to take it easy and enjoy our time here.  This part of Maine is absolutely gorgeous! 
 We brought the kids down to the ocean a few times.  Each time I said we were just going to 'wade' into the water and not get wet, but this is what ended up happening...
 They were SO cute and had a BLAST.  I am surprised I got any face pictures at all because they were very busy. ;)  I LOVE this next picture.

 Sometimes just going with the flow makes the best pictures.

See what I mean?  His first taste of the ocean. :)
 Then we have our sea princess. (Yes. That is seaweed.)
The kids are growing so fast!  Sammy 'boy' is now 2. (He turned 2 in June, but I forgot to mention it.)

 And Anna turned 5 in August!  She's already talking about getting married, AHHHHH!!!  We told her she is going to have to wait a little while for that. ;)

 I know this was not much of an update, especially for having been missing in action for so long, but I need to get some sleep before my little guy decides he needs to eat again.  This is one of the only things I don't miss about them growing up 'cause I'm not much of a late night type of gal.  Hope you all have a good night/day! 


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