Saturday, October 13, 2012

Capturing the Sunsets

Where has the time gone?  It felt like we had forever and already we are having to say goodbye.  I am very ready to be back home, yet it is always so hard to say goodbye.  How thankful I am for the time we have had!  We have enjoyed so much!  
We LOVED walking over to see the cows!

Then there were the somersaults with papa...
The follow-up shots were the best, but, alas, they were banned. ;)
Yes, that was the last time he said he would be doing that. hehe

With all these boys, there was plenty of rough housing going on...
Daniel even joined in on the fun.

Anna was awarded the name of "Mighty Squirrel Hunter"
for attempting to capture the big, grey squirrels who stole the bird food from 
Great Gram's feeders.

They will let you tag along, but you've got to be very quiet when hunting those squirrels.

One of our favorite jobs was helping Grumpy oops, I meant Grampy in the garden.
As you can see, Sammy was the biggest helper. ;)
(I think KNOW he ate more than he picked.)

One of the nice things about visiting a church in Maine is, skipping rocks between services.
Yes, this was the view at one of our churches.  Isn't it beautiful?

In the evenings, we would sometimes hop around the yard like bunnies.

Our time here has been just like the sunsets, amazingly beautiful, but over in a matter of seconds.

So, although there were many posts I wanted and even started to post,
I don't have any regrets as I was busy capturing the 
Sunsets of our lives.
Hope you have a goodnight!  I must get back to packing.  We say goodbye tomorrow morning and continue on to three more conferences over the next two weeks.  After a quick stop at our home church, we fly out November 8th at 5 pm!


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