Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sammy is 3!!!

Because Eric had worked late at the church Sunday night, we woke up that morning still undecided what we were going to do for his birthday.  The girls were trying to convince Sammy that he wanted to go to the indoor park place with the BIG slide and balls - but Sammy didn't care what we did.  He was just happy.

Eric had other ideas.  He had seen an advertisement to rent a house with a pool in the city.  Knowing that I had been wanting to get away for a little while, he called and booked it for two nights!  You can probably imagine the excitement in our house!

The kids could barely contain themselves.  Can you guess what was the first thing they wanted to do? 

Go swimming! :)  (Everyone that is, except for Daniel...who still HATES water and usually still cries at bath time.)

In the evening, I blew up balloons ('cause, like the kids say, "it's not really a birthday without balloons!")  And this time a little something special added to the hats and noses. :)

I tried to get a family photo.  It's pretty blurry, but can you see the family resemblance? :)

Then it was present time.  The girls have been getting a small allowance each week for chores and each bought Sammy a gift.  They were very anxious to give it to him.  Lydia is hugging hers.  Excuse the wrapping.
                                                                        A frog!!!

Now time to open Lydia's gift.

Some new sunglasses!  Daniel broke his last ones and Lydia would not settle for giving him any other gift and after not finding them in the store, we had to search the open air market for them.

Now time for Anna's gift.  Anna spent her entire month's spending allowance, but had to give him that airplane.  I don't know who was more excited about the gift - Anna (because she found something he'd REALLY like) or Sammy.  It doesn't fly, but it does make airplane noises and drives around the floor.

We had a wonderful couple of days and I think I know what the other kids will be asking to do on their birthdays.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Missing In Action

You know it's been a little while since you made a post when you start receiving emails like, "Are you Okay?"  "How are you guys doing?"  "Time for another post."  I honestly did not plan on going this long without posting, it was just at the bottom of my list...which I still haven't reached.  Each time I'd think of writing, I'd look out at my garden...well, more like the weeds I was successfully growing.  Pulling myself away from the never-ending work - both inside and outside - has seemed impossible.  But I have been given a mild reprimand by my love as to the importance of updating everyone - especially family - and letting you know... We are not really missing, just missing in the internet world because of action. :)

What have you been missing?  I'm not sure I can fully update you, but I'll try my best.

My plan was to do a post on the most beautiful time to be in Ukraine - Spring.  Our particular area is not the most beautiful place in the world, but when spring comes around, it is breathtaking.  There are pink cherry blossoms, white apricot and plum blossoms...just about every fruit tree you can imagine lining the village streets with beauty and filling the air with their fragrance.

We enjoyed the light sweater weather for the short time we had it and the kids rolled around in the grass picking dandelions before we tilled up the ground for our garden.

Since then, the weeks have just flown by.  One of the biggest events was Slavic and Olea's wedding.  We did not have a ceremony for them at the church since they have been living together, but we went with them when they signed their papers.  They had asked me to take pictures for them.  I was very disappointed overall with the photos, but it was really neat to be able to tag along and see some of their Ukrainian traditions - like paying for the bride. ;)
Even though we didn't have a ceremony at the church, we did let them have a special meal following the Sunday service.  Olea had asked if I would make the cake (not because anything I had made looked good, she just loved the taste).  So, not only was I a wedding photographer that week, but also a wedding cake maker.  My rosettes were all drooping because of the heat, but I was pretty pleased with it overall.

These are a few of my favorites. :)

At home, I have been trying the kids out on different chores.  I came in one morning when Lydia was supposed to be vacuuming...
...she was teaching Daniel how to do it.   Don't know whether to be proud of my little mama taking her younger siblings under her wings or to be upset at her trying to get someone else to do her job. lol

In between everything going on, we managed a trip to the zoo.  Thankfully it wasn't too unbearably hot the day we went.  The kids had so much fun.  Their favorite part though was the park in the middle and the monkey blowing raspberries at them.  He took us by surprise, then the kids started doing it back.

Strawberry season is pretty much all over, but we (especially Anna and I since we did all of the work) were excited over our first strawberries.
The neighbor gave us a bucket of strawberries plus some, but Anna said she could tell which ones were ours because, "Ours taste sweeter."

With everything that has been going on, this pregnancy has gone pretty fast.  Only 4 1/2 weeks until baby Abigail is due.  The kids are very anxious to meet her.  And while I am SO ready to be done with these contractions which seem to start earlier and earlier and are harder and harder each pregnancy and be done with these pregnancy aches, I feel very unprepared for her to arrive just yet.  I know I'm going to have to let some things go, but I need to at least get her clothes washed!  We still are unsure about the "birthing" plan.  Emotionally it has been a little bit of a rough pregnancy and I have felt very much alone.  The doctor's visits at least have been easier as they "know" me now. hehe.  On one of my last visits the doctor was looking through the list of tests I am supposed to do and said something like, "Well, I would give this test, but I'm sure no one would do it anyways."  (No one meaning me. lol)  And at my visit this week they were all excited about the test results I brought in.  Lina asked weren't they waiting for them, which they replied no to.  It's nice to finally not have them pestering me about everything and finding something wrong all the time.  Now that she is more relaxed, I actually don't mind this doctor. 

Since my mind is starting to have trouble concentrating, I am guessing it is closing time.  Thank you all for your prayers and sweet emails.  I will try to do better at keeping up with you.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


The past few weeks have been exciting ones for us, but today was probably one of the more exciting days.  We had two baptisms today and one was Anna's!  She could not contain her excitement and was bouncing around all day.  She was up and dressed before I got out of bed this morning and said, "Do you know why I got up so early this morning?  Because I'm excited to get baptized!"

Olea also made the decision to get baptized.  It was such a blessing to be able to attend her baptism!  I almost missed taking pictures of her because I was on the wrong side and had to scramble over to get a clear view.  I did get a few pictures of her going into the water and you can tell by her face that it was COLD, but I'll refrain from posting those ones since she may not appreciate everyone seeing her make faces.
 Anna this morning told Lydia and Sammy that when she was baptized she would have to close her eyes, nose and mouth.  Well, she kept her nose "closed" the entire time and closed her eyes, but I think she had a hard time closing her mouth - she was smiling so big!

Anna wanted to make sure that Grampy and Grammy saw her pictures so thought I'd better post them right case she asks me in the morning. ;)


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