Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brianna ~ Trading her Knight for a Prince

She wasn't looking for him...he just hopped into her life.

She is MUCH braver than I am!  What if he had hopped into her face????  Ewwww!  I'm quivering just thinking about it!

Bree has been helping me quite a bit accomplish some of my goals around the house.  Yesterday we finished filling my 'flower bed' area with dirt and I was able to plant most of my flower seeds.  Everything is starting to look nice!
Don't you just love our village style?

The girls are starting to have more of a preference in clothing, which is cute.  I had their clothes picked out for Sunday, but Anna had her heart set on the looong, flowy dress Papa bought her from the second hand store.  It is still a little big and I was going to have her wear a sweater over it, but she loved the bow so much that I just had her wear a shirt underneath.  Lydia had to pick out her dress too, of course.  Don't they look like little princesses?

While the girls were busy twirling, Maxime drew my potrait...what do you think?

Eric and I went over and visited with Kristina yesterday.  Both she and Valentina are having a very hard time right now.  Please be praying for them and their family situations.  There is so much drunkeness here and it is destroying families.  On Sunday Anna pointed out a man and said that he was drinking alcohol.  I was surprised and saddened that she even knew that word, but it is such a common thing here (and pronounced almost the same in Russian) that she just assumes if someone is carrying a bottle (and it doesn't say Coke a cola) that is alcohol.

Everyone is up and moving around, so I guess I better get going.  Hope you all have a good day...I'm sure looking forward to mine since I'm going to be riding into the city with my love. :)


  1. We had a similar alcohol comment recently: our three-year-old was wobbling up the stairs, tired after a long day, and she announced, "I'm drunk!" We looked at each other and noted that she probably wouldn't even know about that, if she were living a sheltered American childhood.

  2. I'm curious. Is Brianna your sister, or is she a visitor from the States?

  3. please, please, please, PLEEEASSEE turn into a prince!! hahahaha

  4. Jessi, she is both. :) She will be here until July.



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