Sunday, May 15, 2011

At Least We're Good for a Laugh

Out we trudged {Bree and I} through the pouring rain carrying our little trusty shovels {aka-the kids plastic sand shovels}.  And wouldn't you know it, just as we reached the garden Yuri, Kristina and Lina showed up.  With grinning faces and umbrellas in hand, they wanted to know what we were doing.  Why!  Planting tomato, pepper and califlower plants of course!  Oh well.  I may not know how to garden, but at least we're good for a laugh!

Want to know what else is in the Vvedenka gossip circles?  The American girl tilling {can it be called that if it's done with hand and shovel?} up the ground for her garden after having 3 babies!   {Yes, that's considered a very large family.  How do I ever manage?!? hehe} 

Even though it has been a cold and rainy week, it has been a good one.  I have been enjoying my Mother's Day/VERY early Birthday gift {even more after I saw the exact same one at another store for about $130 MORE!  Isn't that insane?} ...

{Pretty soon, that whole area on the left will be filled with white flowers...unless the seeds decide not to come up or they end up being purple instead, which has happened.}

While we relaxed on the swing, this is what the girls were doing... 
And they thought having a big family was hard work. ;)

{I know you're all amazed by my great photo-taking ability.  It only took me about 10 tries before I figured out how to catch it.}

This is for you, mom.  Lydia won't go anywhere without them.

Our yard before Eric weed wacked it...

Sammy enjoying a new treat...

Pizza Pockets!  They were absolutely delicious and addicting.  We all couldn't stop eating them!  You can find the recipe at Jessi's blog ~ Joy Unspeakable.  Not only does she have some tasty recipes, but her blog is very sweet...but that's not surprising with a name like that. ;)

And to prove what a terrible gardener I am, look what I found growing in a rock pile on our yard...
Mint!  I tried planting some last year and it all died!  The rocks beat me!  At least I still get to enjoy the tea.  If you have never tried it, even if you don't like mint tea, you need to give it a try.  It taste and smells like spearmint!  The girls love it as well.  Mmmm.  Think I'm going to go get myself a cup right now!


  1. Love the pictures and I'm very jealous of your "sister time" I miss my sisters!

  2. I was about to comment the very same thing! It must be so nice to have your sister there. I am so glad for you because I have been longing for a good sister talk. I can e-mail her and call her every once in awhile, but it is not quite the same as sharing those moments in person.



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