Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back On

And in record timing!  Eric brought the computer in yesterday to be repaired, expecting them to say come back in a week (then when you come back a week later, it's usually not done and will be ready next week...has gone on for 3 weeks before!); but they finished it in 1 afternoon!  Guess we should have brought it in a few months ago! 

So what have we been up to?  Bree and I finished the garden!  YAY!  And while we were working, the girls played with the neighbor girls and chilled...
{Doesn't she look comfy?}

On Thursday, Eric had some work to do in the city, and Bree was going to hang out with Lina, so I decided to take Lydia with me for a little Mama time.  We walked around the center and found a park!  Lydia loved it!

I made our bed {couch} a little late the other day and this is what I found the girls doing...

And.....Cucumber season has started!  Brianna could not be more excited.  She LOVES cucumbers.  Yuri brought us a bag of cucumbers on Sunday and we enjoyed them on the way to church.  Yum, yum!

Even Sammy had some.

Eric went over to the church building last night and said that it is looking very nice.  I can't wait to see it and take pictures!


  1. LOVE your pictures of Lydia! And, I'd love to hear how you did the first picture... black and white with the pink boots. What program did you use? [Not that I have ANY extra time for things like that these days... just want to "file" the info. away in my head for one day when I DO have time for some blogging improvement! :) ]

  2. I used a free internet program called picnik.com . Usually my pictures come straight from the camera, but I thought that one needed something special. Still only took about 2 minutes...clicked on Black and white, then the brush option and "colored" the boots. I also intensified the colors a little so that the boots would be even pinker.



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