Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ask the Time...

before you volunteer or you might find yourself planting peppers at 6 AM.  I learned that lesson the hard way this week...did I mention that I volunteered Bree too?  So, off we headed at around 5:30 AM on Thursday morning to go plant peppers at Yuri and Kristina's.  The plan was for Bree to work until Eric needed to go to the city at 7:30 and I would continue, but I ended up going home with her because Sammy had a fever, bad cough, runny/stuffy nose...poor, little guy.

Even with everyone being sick, we were able to accomplish a lot this week.  The biggest thing I wanted done was the garden and (a BIG thanks to Bree) we finished weeding it.  It has been very beautiful out - even a bit hot.  The kids have really enjoyed staying outside.  Doesn't Sammy look thrilled to be watching the girls play from the stroller? hehe

On Tuesday (sorry, I'm posting out of order) I surprised Eric by meeting him at the train stop but instead of the nice walk home together, he told me that Yuri had called and said there was some trouble over at the new church building.  His nephew met us and drove us over there.  When we arrived we saw a firetruck (wish I had had my camera, that would have been interesting for you to see) and an abulance.  The former owner's son had started a fire in the shed connected to the little house, burning it down.  Eric had given them 3 months before they needed to move out, but has now asked that they be moved out by this upcoming Tuesday and we would take care of the cost of the firemen and damages.  The big house (the church) is looking very nice and we are praising the Lord that no damage was done to that building.  I can't wait to take pictures and show you the progress that has been made...though it still needs quite a bit of work.

The brownies I made for Valodia's Bible study on Thursday were such a hit that the girls and I decided to make some more for services on Sunday.  The girls were wanting to lick their spoons the entire you can see, they ditched the spoons before they were finished.  Fingers do a much better job at cleaning bowls. ;)

They had fun sprinkling these on the brownies...
...though I think more ended up in their mouths than on the brownies.

And I actually bought those here!  Last year I was super excited to see tons of sprinkles and sugar cake decorations, but didn't buy any.  As soon as the Easter holiday was over, they stopped selling them.  Talk about disappointment!  I kicked myself the rest of the year!  This year Lina gave me two packets then Eric found some more and bought a few things for me.

I'm not sure how much I will or will not be able to post because our computer is not working very well (which explains, if you have been looking for us on skype why we haven't been on as regularly).  Should have bought an Apple. ;)

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