Monday, May 9, 2011


What a precious word, or in my case, Mama.  The sound is so dear to my ears!  Oh how I longed to hear that precious word the first 4 years of our marriage!  Then, 4 years ago I celebrated my first Mother's Day.  I was 6 months pregnant with our first baby, a little girl and I was very excited.  Eric bought me roses that first Mother's Day from the rinok near the church.  Now God has blessed me with 3 little ones who call me Mama.  May He help me to be worthy of the calling! 
I praise the Lord that He allowed me to grow up in a home where my mom LOVED being a mom.  In a generation where all women were equal and had "praise worthy" jobs, she made sure we - and everyone else - knew her career and greatest treasure was us (ALL 7 of us) and she wouldn't trade places with anyone.  I remember groaning in the mornings as she had us clean then spend what felt like forever to us standing orderly, quoting scriptures, singing songs and learning sign language (we often complained that it had nothing to do with school and couldn't we just do school?  Now, I'm going to do the same. hehe..want to give my kids something to remember).  I remember her spending hours studying our books to teach us Math, Science, History....she took our education serious.  Out of all of my memories, one of my most precious was when I would come down stairs in the middle of the night and see her praying...knowing it was for me and my siblings.  She made me want to be a mom.  I love you, Mom!  Thank you for loving us and showing us an example of a perfect mom!


  1. What a wonderful testimony to your mom! Do you remember I asked you several years ago what your parents did right that you continue in the Lord? As a 1st generation Christian, that is my worry. I pray that someday my children will think of me in the same way you have written of your mom! I wish to say "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth!" Hope to connect when you guys are in Virginia someday! Prayers, Shannon Lewis

  2. Sweet post about your Mom, Jessica!

    And... LOVE the new look on your blog. :)

  3. Yes, Shannon, I remember. Whether a first or second generation Christian, we all still need God to help us be the parents we need to be. Eric and I were actually talking about you all yesterday. So glad to hear from you and would love to get together with you all again when we are back in Virginia.



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