Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aladdin's Secret

I don't have any pictures from Friday.  We walked to Pizza Hut then stopped at every second hand store we saw on the way back.  I found a skirt for under $3. :)   Then we walked around the center.  They had a lot of stands set up because everyone is busy preparing for Palm Sunday...only it looks more like an open air market.
Today we spent most of our time in the center just walking around and I took a few pictures.
 In the corners, there are witches waiting to tell you your future.  They always hide away in the shadows.  She never lacks for customers.  Every time I walk by my heart sinks.  How sad to see these people reject Christ and turn to Satan for answers!
 There were also other venders.  This lady was making beautiful photos using spray paint, scraping tools, paper to make impressions in the paint.

Then we set up our own "station"...blowing bubbles. :)  We drew quite a crowd.  There is nothing more beautiful than bubbles glistenning in the sunlight with the Polish sights in the background.  Adults stopped to take pictures and children stopped to play with them.  We were thinking we should have put out Sammy's hat to collect money like all of the other venders. ;)

And lastly, How does "Aladdin" sit above his magic carpet?  Well, they were pretty secretive, but if you look closely you can see some metal bars and a board with metal bars under the carpet.  Still not sure exactly how they do it, but I'll be keeping my eyes open.  While we were blowing bubbles a huge crowd was around him, then we heard clapping so I'm guessing they saw how he does it.  I'll be more prepared next time. ;)

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