Friday, April 3, 2009

That's My Girl!

March 6,2009
Every day Anna amazes me with some new thing or word that she is doing or saying. Usually it is something that I do or say on a daily basis. Like, one of her first words was "wow", "what's that?". I didn't realize how often I had said that to her until we were walking through a mall. All of a sudden, she started pointing at all of the stores, saying "WOW!" and "OOOOO". My thought? "That's my girl!" She is such a girly-girl. She LOVES jewelry, purses, trying on clothes... Just the other day, we discovered something else she's learned from me. Valentina had babysat Anna for us, so Eric pulled some money out of his wallet to give to her. Anna walked straight over to Valentina and said with outstretched hand "Die, die,
die. Eeeeeaze." (Die means give me in Russian, and eaze means please, in English.;)) We all died laughing. Eric's thought? "Get's that from her mom." So without trying, I've taught her malls are neat, looking pretty is fun, money is important and something to want. She's watching me...what else is she learning from me without me knowing?

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