Thursday, July 14, 2011

Whooping Cough

We were thinking the kids had a bad cold or bronchitis, but after research believe they have whooping cough.  It starts off with cold like symptoms (runny nose, dry mild cough, little-no temperature) then progresses into fits of phlegmy coughing which end with them whooping or gasping for air.  We missed it with Sammy because instead of whooping, he would throw up, which we  later read is also possible.  On a good note, it seems like Sammy is in the 3rd stage already (the recovery stage/ still coughing fits, but less frequent and not as severe). The girls are in the 2nd stage (the whooping stage/coughing fits, playing normal inbetween fits).  We've decided to keep doing what we're doing and add some stuff to it.  Obviously it was helping more than I felt because they say the 2nd stage lasts 2-4 weeks and Sammy was barely in it 2 weeks.  We are thankful that we have finally found out what it is as it was puzzling and troubling us for weeks.  Knowing what it is also gives us more direction in the treatment. 
We do ask that you would pray for us.  We know that this can be very serious and needs to be monitored closely.  I will also be starting treatment as I am showing the signs of the first stage and with my asthma even a cold can put me in bed for days with coughing fits.


  1. Scary! I will definitely pray. Have you had them tested or however it's officially diagnosed? We don't vaccinate, so I really try to keep up with what's going on in epidemics and such. Is whooping cough going around?

  2. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all." Psalms something or another; I can't remember where right now. ;) Definitely praying for you. Amazing how the devil likes to attack right after a high point like with the church building or even a more difficult thing such as your sister leaving. We are kept by the power of God!

  3. I will be praying. Can you take the treatment fine when you are expecting?

  4. Phyllis, emailing you back. :)

    Thank you all for your prayers!

    Jessi, we are taking a natural treatment, so it is safe.

  5. Praying for you guys!

  6. Praying, sweet friend... especially for you with your asthma problems and expecting a precious little one!

  7. Praying. Have you heard of making GOOT. Blending Garlic, olive and coconut oil? It reaaly works well for whooping cough. I am wanting to write more but baby boy is climbing all over me.

    I am curious what natural treatment you use for asthma.

  8. Hi, Jessica :) I read Amy Senecal's blog (Daily Pleasures) and in her last post she mentioned you all had whooping cough. I just wanted to write and let you know I'll be praying for you too. My husband Daniel and I have been blessed with 12 children and been serving the Lord as missionaries in Mexico for 7 years now. We had whooping cough about 2 years ago. Most all of us got it, including our children who had been vaccinated for it. Our youngest had just gotten out of the NICU (he was born 2 months premature) and he also came down with it. It was a very scary time. We almost lost our little guy. But the Lord chose to keep him here. :) I had it so badly and my ribs hurt for weeks afterwards. It was hardest on our children who have asthma and our little preemie.
    Well, this probably doesn't sound very encouraging, huh?! But I just want you to know we'll be praying and the thing that helped me the most was remembering that whether I was in the USA or in a little Mexican village with little medical care, the Great Physician was with us!
    Hope you all feel better soon!

  9. We don't know each other, but the words "whooping cough" caught my attention today as I was scrolling down my sister's blog (Rachel Winkler).

    Our 6 children all had whooping cough 2 years ago. Very scary. My wife and I didn't sleep much for nearly a month because of having to get up (actually jump up and run to them) 10 to 20 times a night when one of the kids had a coughing fit. Our kids really started getting better when the doctor had us buy a nebulizer and have them use it a couple times a day each. I thank God for bringing all 6 of them through safely.

    God bless your ministry there in Ukraine! We trust your family will be through this trial quickly.

  10. Hello, I am sorry this is off topic but I was trying to find Amy's (Daily Pleasures blog) email. I typed in her blog name in the search box and this posting came up because you mentioned her in this post. I am trying to get a hold of Amy. I used to read her blogs but now she has made them private. I am not sure how to contact her so that I can ask her to "invite" me to read her blog. Can you please pass on to her that Rena from NY state is asking for permission to read her blog?

    My blog is she will recognize who I am once she sees my picture on my blog. I thank you so much in advance. If she needs my email to invite me to her blog to read, my email is rere25 at yahoo dot com. Thank you so much!



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