Tuesday, July 5, 2011


With only one more week with aunti {can it really be???} there has definitely been lots of that going around...besides the fact that everyone has been sick.  Sammy picked up a cough about 2 weeks ago which progressively got worse.  We think that it developed into bronchitis and were worried that it was starting to turn into pneumonia.  We were pretty concerned and considering bringing him to see a doctor...which we were also nervous about doing.  Thankfully, he seems to be getting a little better.  Now the girls have started coughing though, so aunti is getting lots of nursing practice before she heads out for her nursing degree. :)  I truly believe what my mom always said "Mom's are the best doctors."  I NEVER imagined how much nursing, herbal etc. sites/books I would study...they ought to give me a degree too!  Doctor Mom

The past week has been crazy...or maybe it's the past month...year?  Anyways, life never seems to slow down.  I was finally able this morning to sit down and get caught up on some thank you's.  Well, not totally.  I am super behind on thank you's but decided to just start on the more recent ones.  Anyone have any tips on thank you/letter writing?  I use to love it, but with pregnancies and new babies I am completely disorganized and out of practice.  Seriously, I am probably like two Christmases behind.

Bible lessons with Kristina went very well last week.  They have had some struggles, but I can see that she truly desires to do what the Bible says.  Last week we talked about having a joyful spirit, but Kristina practiced on her own keeping her tongue.  This is a huge step for her and I pray that God continues to work upon her heart.  I am really enjoying these lessons.  I have also been able to sit in on the salvation lessons Eric is doing with Slavic.  This is a huge blessing to me as it gives me a chance to be involved.  I don't do anything really, but it gives me a feel for the ministry and a chance to pray.  Sitting there this last time I was overwhelmed with the lack of conviction on his face.  The total carelessness of attitude.  Lina has mentioned as well that it just doesn't seem like people have any conviction at all anymore.  I felt like weeping...but just held back the tears and prayed.  Yuri's mom, Baba Shora, came in at some point.  She usually tries to appear not interested, but I could see that she was intently listening and it seemed like the Holy Spirit was working on her heart.  How we would love to see her saved!  What a difference it would make in this family!  She is very old, but is still a drunkard.  Please be praying for both Slavic and Baba Shora.

Well, guess I need to get some tea and breakfast started.  My babies are WIDE awake.  I am so thankful that they play pretty well in their room until mama comes to get them around 7:30.  It would be much harder to get my devotions and other things done if I let them out when they wake up, as early as 5:30-as late as 7....on great occasions, until I get them. 


  1. What does Baba mean there? In Swahili, it means father. =)

  2. I believe some of the hardest times on the Mission Field are when the children are sick. A few times we've had some scares with our kids and it really put all the other "trials" into perspective. I'll be praying foryou as you say good-bye to your sister and for Sammy to get well! And also for the ministry there...

  3. Baba (short for babooshka) means grandmother. :)

    I agree, Carole. Thank you for your prayers.



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