Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Our New Building!!!

Today was our first Sunday in the village at our new building...and also Brianna's last Sunday with us.  So it was an exciting and at the same time, a sad day.

I had already fixed their hair a few times.  I'm always amazed at how quickly they can get it messed up.

After the service all of the ladies got together for a picture at Bree's request.
 {The dress was my birthday gift from Bree.  Perfect for an expanding waist. ;)}

We're going to miss you Bree!

 Oh, wait!  Where was Sammy during the photo shoot??? 
He was peeping out the door waving and talking to us. hehe


  1. aww. I feel like I'm gonna miss your sister too! Love the last shot! Maria

  2. Goodbyes are not fun, but I am glad your sister got to spend such a long time with you there. What a blessing for her and for you!

  3. Your building looks amazing, Jessica! And so glad your sister got to be there for your first service in it!



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