Monday, December 20, 2010

Who Will Go To America?

This post has been heavy on my heart for many months now.  Each time I receive a note patting me on the back for how awesome I am for 'giving my life' to be a missionary or when I read about what is happening in the lives of our families, friends or news....I wonder, while I am serving God here, who is going to my family, friends and country? 

First, I do not believe that I am any more special for obeying God and coming to Ukraine than a Pastor or Church Bus driver who is following God's will in America.

Being a missionary in a different country does not make me any more special or valuable in Christ's service than a Pastor or Sunday School teacher who God has called to America.  If God calls you to go to America, you better not go to the mission field...if God calls you to go to Africa, you better not stay in America.

Many people feel like they have to go somewhere different in order to do something worthwhile for God with their lives.  You don't need to come to Ukraine to make a difference.  All around you are people dying and going to hell.  Little children, older people, teenagers, rich business men...Are American Christians so involved in their daily activities and entertainment that they cannot see? 

It seems like many are waiting to be used greatly by God, but not doing anything.  Do you truly want to be used of God?  Than serve where you are first.

What is your first priority?  Jesus Christ?  Your job?  Money?  Fun?  It is not wrong to have a job, money or even fun.  It is wrong if they are first and most important to you - your goal...with Jesus as a side. 

  How do you know if something is God's will or not?  Well, here are a few beginning questions.  1)Does it go against God's Word?   2)Does it interfere with my spending time in God's Word on a daily basis?  3) Does it interfere with my attending church services? (plural, not singular)  3) Does it interfere with my serving more in my local church? ...If you've answered yes to any of those questions, that's a pretty good indication that it's not God's will. 

You are more likely to find God's will if you are preparing to be a missionary than if you are pursuing a career.  You can not live your life, including Jesus when it is convenient.  But instead you must serve Him first and view your 'career' as a means that He has allowed you to have to further the Gospel.  

Many have told us that America needs missionaries too, so we should come 'home'. 
I agree.  America does need missionaries,
but I cannot go to America because God has not called me there. 
But what about you?

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