Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is what our house sounds like first thing in the morning...
thought I'd give my sister a warning. ;) 
She said she was singing thank you to God. 
I think it had something to do with her heart being dirty and Jesus cleaning it.

In her defense, she can sing quite a few songs fully through. 
She just likes to make up her own songs too...
with her own made up words.

Her attitude seems to have changed a lot since she prayed.  She is no longer concerned about herself needing Jesus, but has started asking me whether or not I have prayed for Jesus to clean my sins or if Lina has.  She also asked Grampy if he knew about Jesus.  She has started asking to pray for Nikita and Alosha to be saved.  I pray that she continues to have a desire to see others come to know the Lord as their Saviour too.

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