Monday, December 27, 2010

Finally...A SNOW MAN!

As I write, our snowman is now only a little, muddy lump on the ground.  But the girls were SO excited to be able to finally make one!  The snow here is very dry and usually doesn't stick together very well, but before it all melted away, it was moist enough to stick of him kept falling off, but the girls had fun 'patting him back together'. 

Soon after coming inside, I put them to work emptying the washer.  They decided to make a snowman with the wet laundry.  My camera batteries were dying, but I managed a couple of pictures. 

Everything here has been so gray and dreary out, but one morning I woke up to this...
It was even more beautiful in person with so much color!  It might have come out even better if the window and screen weren't between us, but I wasn't about to venture out in the cold first thing in the morning!  With sunrises like this, I can't help but wonder how anyone could not believe in God!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Sunrise! Very cute snowman. Looks like your girls had fun!



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