Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow and Snowmen

Saturday the kids and I got out to enjoy the fresh new snow.  They absolutely loved it. 

They especially loved Eric running them around the yard a few times...

And sliding down the small hill.

 Since the snow was a little too powdery to make a snowman
we made these... 

They didn't seem too disappointed with the substitute snowmen
and the little stars.

Sammy these days has been rolling all over the place. 
He says Mama when he's hungry and tired;
Anna sometimes;
And roars at people at church.
He cried the first time Eric said 'ra-ra-ra'...
Now he just 'ra's back.
He's just too cute!
He even puts his pacifier in his mouth by himself!

I know some are anxious to see the new addition on our house...
so will post pictures soon.
For now,
here's what the outside looks like now.
Major improvement.
Not only does it look better,
but already seems to be keeping us warmer.
Looking like everything will stay warm enough
so we'll have running water this winter!

1 comment:

  1. You take such great pictures. Isn't it so fun to do special things with them? I love it.
    Your girls look like they really enjoyed the snow. My kids LOVE going outside. Now that they are older, I can send them out without me. I just watch from the window - then I don't have to get cold. Sometimes I even sit in the window and drink some hot chocolate or tea.
    I absolutely love the pictures with the girls' hands making the cookies. Adorable!!!
    Your cookies look delicious. We are making sugar cookies today.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!



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