Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ukrainian Hospital Visit - The Story

First I've been wanting to share a testimony that I came across called Every Missionary's Nightmare if you read that, make sure that you read The Story doesn't end there for the whole story.  I was crying during the first and by the end of the second, was so convicted by the testimony of this young missionary wife.  The testimony is not about the author, but of her friend.  I have just "met" this missionary blogger and am greatly enjoying her blog.  If you have time, you'd also get a blessing from another post she wrote called Baking Blunders.  In that post she compares baking to life...not only can we all relate (well, at least us women) and will be able to laugh along with her, but it also causes you to think. now on to my posting, except I've lost all direction in thought.  Oh, yeah!  You still don't know about baby #4!  Will he even out our ratio between girls and boys?  Or will she give the girls an edge?  Well, since I originally planned on sharing more about my actual visit during my last post instead of my struggle let me start at the beginning.

Around 9 I climbed the train to meet Lina.  When we reached the Chagooiv train station, we had to take a marshootka to the center.  We then had to walk to the hospital, though it was more like running for me since Lina is much taller than I am.  I was beat red and dripping wet by the time we got there.  Oh well.  I was able to cool down a little before we met with the doctor.  As I had mentioned before, I was not looking forward to this visit at all, but I felt like the Lord gave me a sweet spirit that their harshness was not able to break.  Even if the doctor is a little rough, I felt like it was easier to handle this time.  I don't know if it was just that it was easier, or if it was just the peace that the Lord had given me...maybe both.  But this year I didn't go away feeling like crying.  We then ran over to the testing hospital for some blood tests.  This nurse remembered us and started talking to us about our faith.  I guess it was more like testing than talking.  She called us a cult and seemed to be trying to rile us.  All I could do was smile and talk to her about the Bible.  When she looked over and saw me smiling, it shocked her and she told Lina "She's smiling!"  The rest of our {short} visit went pretty well, though I wish we had had more time.  By the time she was willing to listen, it was time to go.  We planted a seed though!  After that we went for an ultrasound.  The doctor and nurse seemed pretty stressed at the beginning of our visit, but relaxed and friendly by the end.  As he was going through looking and giving measurements to the nurse, he added in there somewhere that it was a...did I hear him correctly?  He was speaking so low and continuing to mumble things to the nurse.  He then looked at me again and said,
"It's a boy."
Of course he did not yell it like that and it wasn't in English.  I did that for you benefit. :)  Yes.  We are expecting a playmate (or a terror companion) for Sammy!  Why do I say terror companion?  Because just by himself he can terrorize his sisters pretty good - all with a huge, adorable, mischievous grin.  The girls better watch out!  

On the way home from the hospital we had a chance to witness to an Armenian marshootka driver, but between the loud noise of the van, the language barrier (even if I can speak and hear it, it can still be a barrier), and how flustered I was from the heat and being announced to the whole bus as an American, I feel like I was unable to present the Gospel as clear as I would have liked.  I do ask that you pray for me as I know God could greatly use this time to be a testimony to those I am coming in contact with.  During pregnancy I am given more opportunities to witness than at any other time.  Sometimes I am surprised by the answers God gives me, but at others I get so flustered that I come back feeling like I failed to present as clear of a presentation of the Gospel as I desire.  Pray also for freedom of speech in the Russian language.

 All in all, the visit went well and I praise the Lord for the grace He gives.  Reminds me of 2 Timothy 2:1 " strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus."  I am so thankful for that grace that He gives!  When I arrived home my husband said he was surprised by how chipper I was.  I don't think I've ever come home from a hospital visit chipper!


  1. I feel the same way trying to witness in Swahili or pray in Swahili. It's like my mind freezes up, and I don't know the words to get the Gospel across. It seems I get a little way into it and then I get bogged down in the vocabulary. I guess it just takes practice. I'll pray for you and you pray for me because it is a burden on my heart too.

  2. How nice that you are having another boy! And I COMPLETELY understand about mischievous boys that terrorize their sisters. So true! HA! Language struggles can be so frustrating and background noise is such a problem! So many times, I thin, "I could understand you, if I could only HEAR you!" The Lord knows your ♥ and that you are giving your best. Thanks for sharing! You are a blessing and encouragement to me! :)

  3. Congratulations on your BOY!!!



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