Monday, August 8, 2011

Catching Up

OKAY!  I give up!  On what, you ask?  On naps...for myself, that is.  I just can't seem to take them or if I do manage to fall asleep, it is about the time for the kids to wake up.  Today I laid down, something fell behind the couch/bed {a kid's toy?}, the bathroom door creaked, the couch cushion squeaked as it SLOWLY started sliding between the couch and the wall, leaning over I pushed it down quickly then laid on a toy.  With my mind racing a million miles an hour and family wondering what's happening, I figured I might as well make a post.  So, here I am.  I'm warning you though, between lack of sleep and being pregnant this post might be a little all of the place.

We have been super busy at the church and it is starting to look really nice.  I can't wait until it is all finished.  We just had a sign put up, which will stop the rumors that we are the new charismatic group that just started meeting in the village as well.  I also just finished designing our new church tract.  The picture on the front was taken during one of our walks here in the village...makes it even more special to me. :)

The kids are doing MUCH better.  They still cough some, more at night and after playing roughly, but so much better.  But wouldn't you know it, just as we were getting over whooping cough, we managed to pick up another virus!  Thankfully it is just a short virus and the kids and I are pretty much over it.  Eric is just getting it now.  I feel so bad for him because I know he has so much work to do, little time already, little help and is continuing on anyways.

At church on Wednesday, Anna started peaking around the corner of the column and saying that I needed to take a picture.  So, here are a few pictures for the grandparents. :)  They didn't come out very well, but my poor old Kodak Easy Share (for those who have asked), is getting pretty worn down.  It's been walked on by toddlers, fixed, has hair stuck between the lens' glass, now the shutter is stuck open - thanks to Sammy throwing sand in it.  Eric says I'm just trying for a new a Canon or something. hehe.  Seriously, though, the Lord has helped me to be satisfied with what He has given me and I think it does a pretty good job, especially when I really take time to play with the settings.  It doesn't catch moving things very well, like water or dandelions, but is able to if I really have patience.  I can also get it to focus on close or distant objects and blur the rest...but that takes a LOT of patience as the button used for this is the button you click for your photo, so sometimes it changes right when you take your picture.  Again, all of that was for those who have asked.  My best advice for someone drooling over a better camera?  Use what you have to it's fullest extent (look in your instruction manual and play with it), maybe touch it up ( is a free and fun site), take LOTS of pictures.  Sometimes you will get a picture like the one above and sometimes you will get some like the ones below...but even those could be amazing with a little photo editing.  I'm sure you will be amazed at some of the pictures you can get with a little ole point 'n shoot.      

P.S.  Eric laid linoleum at the church so the floors look really nice now and my piano was moved to the church and tuned.  It sounds absolutely amazing!

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  1. Building moving along great--Mr C would be proud of your tract publishing!!!....Mrs C



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