Monday, August 22, 2011

Cake Again!

Anna really was spoiled this year.  After going to the play place at the mall, we went to McDonalds (by request) then we went bowling.  This was Anna's first time bowling and she had a blast!  Unfortunately, my camera batteries died so the only pictures I have are on Eric's phone.  Lydia got a little bored while waiting for her turn, but I think we will be doing it again.  Other than the car breaking down, we had a very fun day and enjoyed our melted cake.  Eric said we should have taken pictures of us waiting, but with water dripping off of our heads and fly away hairs, I wasn't so up for a picture.

Saturday morning we still continued the birthday celebration because it was her actual birthday.  She woke up to the normal balloons and pancakes...which they have come to expect.  (Anna had informed me the day before that it wasn't her birthday because I didn't put up balloons, make pancakes or MAKE a cake.  No fooling her!)  As you can see, she was quite tickled with the pancakes...

We also finished off the cake we had bought the day before {It was DELICIOUS} and she "opened" her birthday gift...a scooter!  She picked it out one day when her and Eric went to the store so she was pretty excited...she also picked out the ugliest stuffed cat.  I still can't believe that she picked that out AND that he actually bought it. haha

Later that day I made a cake for her to celebrate with everyone at church.  This is sort of a cultural thing {at least in our area}.  It's expected for you to bring a cake when you have a birthday plus/or the food.  I usually make the cake for all the church birthdays and get a break cooking when it's their birthday.  Because we walked and it was pretty warm it had melted and slid all over the place before we reached church, but it was still tasty.

Anna wasn't disappointed with so many birthday cakes.  Our celebration didn't end there, though.  I have been wanting to have the neighbor over for tea for a while, so I invited them over on Monday for a birthday tea party for Anna.  I made cupcakes and apple muffins.  I wanted to make pizza pockets, but forgot to buy cheese.

About 30 minutes into our little tea party, the rain that had been threatening all day finally came...and it wasn't just a sprinkle.  Which was okay, since they were starting to get a little bored...Mama forgot to plan games.  I'm not so great at this entertaining thing.  Sometimes I wish God had blessed me with this gift of hospitality as I feel like I am so awkward sometimes.  Times like these help me appreciate those moments when God opens up the doors of communication for me, giving me words to speak and with ease.  Anything good that comes from me definitely is of Him as on my own I am so unable.  Eric always says if God calls you to do something, He will give you the ability to do it.  But then maybe my problem is not with the abilities He has already given me/or that I am lacking, but rather with my picture of the ideal missionary. 

Well, I got a little sidetracked...overall we had a very good birthday weekend and I praise the Lord that He has given me 4 sweet years with our little Anna.

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  1. Wow! So much fun! Melted cakes, ugly stuffed animals, etc. make wonderful birthday memories. Most of all Anna will treasure the love she was shown on her special day.

    P.s. your Anna shares a birthday with my Daniel....he turned 12 on August 13. He was born shortly after 4a.m. What time was Anna born?



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