Monday, November 4, 2013

Lydia is 5!

How can it even be possible?!  Only yesterday you were a little bundle in my arms with hair that looked like I styled perfect little baby doll.  How I have enjoyed the years with you!

For the most part, you are

Though  you definitely have your silly, noisy moments ~ ESPECIALLY if you have one on one time. :)

We started the day with birthday spanks/kisses.

Then the hunt was on.

The wrapping is becoming part of our tradition. ;)

 It's always interesting to buy English toys in a foreign country.

All of the kids were busy playing house while Daniel and I prepared the birthday meal...well, I prepared.  He was too busy digging into the cake to help cook.

You requested a green, chocolate cake.  It's hard to see, but it is a light green.  And one of the candles was one of those ever-flame candles.  That always makes it more exciting.

Poor baby Abigail was sick all day, but she got lots of love still.

We finished of the day with a tea party.  With three girls, we have plenty of those.

Happy Birthday my Lyda-bug!


  1. Time sure flies, doesn't it?! Your children are all so adorable! Happy Birthday, Lydia!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lydia!! I just love the family pictures you share with all of us Jessica. You all are truly blessed!



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