Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting Back

I took so many pictures of the Kuenzi's visit that I had a hard time narrowing it down!  They took even more than I did, of EVERYTHING.  The bread truck, our little store...they are much bolder with the camera than I am.  We get looked at enough without me flashing a camera around everywhere. ;)

They were a huge blessing - both physically and spiritually.  Not only did they help with evangelism, but they also helped paint my kitchen, got my laundry caught up for me (I NEED her to come back since it seemed like everyone had accidents the day after she left. :( )...but the thing I enjoyed the most was the fellowship.  I have felt lonely this term, which is one of the reasons I have avoided the internet.  Once I started getting back on, I only had time for things that took a couple of minutes and that definitely did not include the blog.  We have been rushing from one thing to the next ever since Abigail was born -VBS, the Kuenzi's visit, going to Kiev to get Abigail's birth abroad, etc.  We are finally starting to get back into somewhat of a routine - though I still crash as soon as the kids go to bed.  I fell asleep at 8:30 last night!  The time change is helping me get up earlier, which blesses me with a few minutes of quiet.  Many times I have thought about getting an apron to put over my head like Susannah Wesley did.

Even amidst my discouragement, God has been blessing us so much.  The church has been growing not just in number, but it has been exciting to see the growth in the new Christians and others coming to know the Lord.  Eric has a full schedule of Salvation Bible lessons and discipleship lessons and I have had the opportunity to give some lessons too.  As I shared before, I am really enjoying it.

I have felt really discouraged by my language skills lately - or lack of.  How I want to be able to fluently speak the language!  Eric says my biggest problem is that I don't like to talk unless I can do it perfectly.  I was encouraged the other day though.  Someone asked if I was speaking Ukrainian, since I had an accent.  The more we talked, I'm sure they understood it was just bad Russian. haha!

Also part of our weekly schedule now is mommy time out - either with Eric or Lina, and sometimes a few kids.  This has helped me get some things done that we have needed and also some time away from the house.  It has opened up many witnessing opportunities and special time with my girls.  They are growing into such good little helpers!

Well, baby Abigail is crying so my mind is having trouble writing. ;) 

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