Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bible Lessons

I know I have been the most sporadic blogger lately and I have wanted to share this with you for a while, but we have had people in our home almost constant, so blogging time has been at a minimum.  I am giving 3 Bible lessons now and one of those is to Katiya, Bogdan's mom.  We were so excited when she said that she wanted to start her lessons!

She is on her 4th or 5th lesson now.  My heart was stirred each time I talked with her as it seemed like she was searching.  After the 2nd lesson, she really wanted to know HOW she could be saved and Lina and I spent about 1-2 hours with her talking about how she could be saved.  How exciting it was when she bowed her head to ask Jesus as her Savior!  She has been coming to every single service since then and been doing devotions with her boys every night.  We're praying that God will continue to work in this family and that Ruselan (her husband) and her son, Nikita, will be saved too.  Her lessons are on Fridays.

I am giving two other lessons on Sundays.  One lady, Luda, has also recently made a profession so the lessons are just for clarity.  The other lesson is with Gala.  I don't think she is saved, but she seems to know a lot of the information.  Please be in prayers especially for her lessons.  Pray for me also that God will give me clarity of speech and especially of mind as sometimes it is difficult to give lessons with little ones running around.

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  1. That is so exciting!!! Praying for you especially of Fridays and Sundays!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I loved all your pictures from the day :).



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