Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vladamir Vonavich

He sat there, slouched over in the chair, just listening to the conversations around him, when Anna came up to him.  
Her little hand slipped into his large wrinkled hands.  
His first thought was that she was trying to greet him.  
Then she sweetly and quietly asked, "Will you please go outside with me?"  
"Why?" he asked with a puzzled look.  
I quickly replied, "Her papa said that she could not go out unless an adult was out there..."  
Before I could finish, he was out of his seat and walking with her towards the door. 

By the time I made it out to the yard, they had already started a game of soccer.  I could not believe he was playing with them!  I rushed back inside to get my camera (everyone probably wondering what I was doing), turned it on, then Oh!  No SD card!  Then I remembered the old one still in my camera bag.  Just maybe, maybe...yes!  It still had enough memory on it!  

I quickly snapped a few pictures then sat down to watch them play.  I watched him, hunched over almost running around.  I watched him as he held his leg the entire time he played and thought, "He really shouldn't be doing that."  Then I looked up at his smile.  And I remembered the hard life he has had.

I remembered the years he spent caring for his bedridden wife with alzheimer's so bad that she would beat on him and scream "what did you do to my husband?"
He still brought her flowers. 

I remembered how disheveled he looked after she passed away. 

I remembered all of the other troubles he's had this past year.

I remembered all of this and looked at his happy face and wanted to cry for the sweet moments of happiness he was having.  And there was no way I was going to make him stop playing.

How thankful I am that God saved this dear, sweet man!

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