Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
We didn't have a big thanksgiving dinner this year 
because we were planning on visiting other missionaries, 
but plans changed at the last minute.  
We still had a great day.
Vasily has been eating with us lately, so he came over and visited.
We also had a lot of Indians and Pilgrims. :)
Eric eluded the camera all day, so sorry, there's no pictures of him...unless you count the Indian mask.
Daniel ripped his Indian hat before we got started.
(Thank you, Anna and Lydia for making all the hats and decorations!  You did a GREAT job!)

Anna didn't think Abigail should be left out so kept adding feathers to her headband.

Everyone got to take turns being the photographer, so we have lots of pictures of Mama.

Then we played games...Sammy photobombed the first picture. hehe
I noticed afterwards that I didn't get as many as him.  Poor guy!

And lastly, EVERYONE wanted pumpkin pie.  BUT I didn't have time to buy a pumpkin (or squash) ahead of time.  Thankfully, I had enough pumpkin in the freezer to make mini pumpkin pies.  Eric was especially excited that they were gluten-refined sugar free.  We were planning on breaking it, but since we had to be home, he asked that I try to stay by the diet.  It has been fun to come up with different ways to make the things he likes.  He was even more excited about the cream and ate all the left over.  It was a cashew cream.  It's not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie and what's pumpkin pie without cream?

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  1. Would you share the recipes for your pumpkin pies and cream? They look wonderful!



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