Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Eve Service

Kisses for Lina

Wow!  I can hardly believe we got through the past few weeks!  We had a nice Christmas, which I'll share with you later, then started preparing for our New Year's Eve service.  I don't remember exactly how many people came, but we had over 20.  After the message, we started the evening off with sparklers while the men cooked the shashlik {grilled chicken}.  The kids {and the adults} were very excited.   

They ended up moving over by the men cooking and were quickly  shooed away.

Everyone made SO much food!  This was SUCH a huge blessing for me!  I didn't have to make ANYTHING!  We provided the chicken and some supplies, but another lady wanted to make the cake and salads.  I love to cook, but some days the extra work is just too much for me.

After the meal, the kids played some games.  They had a lot of fun and I think some of the adults wanted to join them. ;)
Bogdan with Anna at the top.  Nikita, Max and Sammy in the bottom photo.

Most of the people attending are not saved.  Right now, Eric is doing Bible lessons with three different people and possibly will be doing another one soon.  He has started doing them at the house, which I have really enjoyed, even if it means more work for me with preparing meals, keeping the kids quiet and some times skipping naps. {That's a sacrifice! ;)} 

This young man's name is Serioza.  He does not come to every service but comes occasionally (or frequently?  not sure how to classify his visits).  He really enjoys the company, but we are not sure how interested he is.

This man with Daniel is Ruselan, the man Eric did Bible lessons with in the prison and also Bogdan and Nikita's dad.  Although he lives pretty close to the church, he has only attended a few services.

This is Bogdan and Nikita's mom, Katia.  She is extremely friendly and has asked to meet with us to talk about salvation.  She recently got a new job and says she still wants to meet with us, just when she has more time.  She also came today for our Christmas service (I'll explain about that later), which we were very excited about.  She is very friendly and seems to get along with everyone well.  She loves the kids.  Pray that God will open her eyes to her need of salvation.   

There is much to catch you up on, people to introduce you to, but I will try not to overwhelm you with it all at once.  Thank you all for your prayers!

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  1. It is so nice to put a face with a name! Praying for these precious souls.
    Found your Titus study and enjoying it :).
    Praying for you!



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