Sunday, January 13, 2013

Daniel is 1!

January 10th, 2012
One whole year, my sweet Daniel!  It hardly seems possible, and yet it seems like you have always been a part of our lives.  I love your cute, scrunchy nose smiles, the masculine way you crawl...though you don't do that much anymore, you're growing up so quickly!  I even love your messes.  Everyone blames you for everything - even when the tree fell with no one in the room, it was Daniel's fault.  You kinda did that to yourself, though, because most of the time it was you. ;)

You were thrilled when I came in to get you singing, "Happy Birthday".  The kids were excited too - until they came out and saw that the floor was not covered in balloons, nor was there even a banner.  Anna matter-a-factly told me, it couldn't be your birthday because of those important missing items.  I am sorry, poor Daniel.  I just could not locate them.  You did not notice though, you were too thrilled about the apple oatmeal muffins waiting for you.  Oh!  How excited you were!  I wish I had recorded it!

Following breakfast, we all got dressed and headed to the mall.  The kids had plans on what we should do, but Eric and I did not decide until we got there.  The mall has a big play center on the third floor.  We started by taking a little train ride.  You are so quiet in public that I am not sure what you thought.  I know what you thought of the play place - you insisted on being held, especially after I went down the slide with you, as you seriously watched all of the noisy boys running around.

Then we did it, we broke the diet and went to McDonalds.  You had your first chicken nuggets and fries.  That, I think, made your day.
We walked around for a little while, you sleeping comfortably amongst a soft bed of coats in the back of the cart, looking for a baby gate (nice birthday present, huh. hehe).  But, there was known to be found.  Everyone just looked at us like we were crazy.  Then, we bought cake AND ice cream - much to the delight of your brother and sisters- and headed home.  When we got home, I started looking for candles and found you a balloon!  How much fun you had!  While you were playing with it, I lit the candle and we all started singing.  You were like, "Oh.  That's nice."
"Now where's my balloon?"
Until Papa blew it out and you discovered...
IT SPARKS BACK UP!!! (Surprise for Mama too.)  How intently you stared, waiting for it to spark back up!
How poorly mama captured it, but your reaction was too priceless not to share.
Time to cut you your first piece.  Mama sat waiting and ready for you to dig in so she could get some cute, messy pictures.
We all waited...
and waited...
and waited...
but there was no way you were going to dig into that!  Papa decided to take matters into his own hands as all your siblings, were by now, dying to get a piece.  The spoon didn't even get fully into your mouth before you decided, it was not for you.
Sorry, buddy (Sammy's nickname for him).  We tried.  Guess we should have stuck with the Apple Oatmeal Muffins.  We decided to go ahead and give you your present so you had something to do while we enjoyed your birthday cake and ice cream (which you didn't like either).
Lydia moved her arm up, so your face is blocked, but I LOVE the open mouth.

Happy Birthday, my baby boy!  My daily prayer is that someday I'll be rejoicing over your second birth.


  1. awwwww Happy Birtday Daniel!!! hes gotten sooo big since i last saw him!

  2. Happy Birthday Daniel!!! It was so much fun to read all about your day!!!

  3. Such a great post, Jessica, for such a precious boy! Happy 1st Birthday, Daniel!

  4. Happy Birthday! He is just so cute and sweet looking!



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