Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We noticed recently that some were struggling with right attitudes around here lately.  So what can you do to help change the atmosphere in the home?  Have a girls' day out!

The girls have been doing their chores very well, Anna was doing her school...with Bible lessons, church, etc., there hasn't been much time for down time.  Lina started teasing Eric that he had me locked in a prison - a very pretty, prison, though. ;)  Eric and I had been talking about the need for the girls and I to have some fun time together, so Tuesday morning before the kids got up, I presented my request to him.  He said yes!  After breakfast, I let Anna off of dishes duty and she immediately started school.  At 12 pm we jumped in our taxi and made our jailbreak.  Our destination?  The mall!  We had the entire day planned.

We started with lunch.  What did we HAVE to eat?  McDonalds. ;)  We haven't been doing so good on the diet lately.

Then we did something that Anna has been begging to do, which would be impossible with the boys...Ice skating!

I would skate with one girl a little, help her to the wall, then go back for the other.  Two young young ladies came over and offered to help.  The girls loved making new friends!  They were very curious and I was able to talk to them a little about why we are here then give them a tract before we left. 
This was the girls' first time ice skating and it has been almost 13 years for me (the last time was my first outing with Eric with his church).  I was dying to skate around.  Maybe I can get Eric to go out with me? ;)

Next, we stopped at a little station that paints nails and had our nails done - a first for us all.  The girls just had their nails trimmed and painted, I had mine scrubbed too.  I don't know how I managed to live this long without once having a manicure!  And it was like $12 for ALL of us!
While I was helping Lydia up to her seat on the other side, Anna picked a sparkly polish for one hand and a purple for the other.

Lydia picked a soft pink polish, like her dress.  Don't they look like they are just loving this time?

We used the remaining of our time just walking around, picking up coffee for papa and potty breaks.  We barely made it through the door before Daniel latched onto my leg.  I guess he missed me.  The girls are already planning the next break. ;)


  1. Oh, how fun!!! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. Fun. Fun. Fun.
    So glad you had that special time together!

  3. This was so totally cute, Jessica! You deserved a day like this with just your girls. What precious memories they will never forget!

  4. Wow, looks like you guys had a great time, I need to take my girlie out on a date soon. Enjoyed the photos!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Jessica, it was a good reminder that we do need to make those little station break times for those we love and make special memories.



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