Friday, August 24, 2012

From the Hillsides of Maine

 Standing outside, the hills in the background and laundry in my hands, I could not help but close my eyes as the Maine breeze swirled my hair around my face.  The sun beamed gently warming my face.
(The kids' club house.)

My mind wandered back to the post Maine is in the Air and the times like it when I longed to be standing here enjoying a moment like this.

I could barely contain the swelling in my heart from spilling forth as tears through my eyes.

Oh!  How I love the light breezes, the fresh smell of the trees, the buzzing of the hummingbirds, the chirping of the squirrels, especially when they are mad at me for getting to close while attempting to photograph the hills.

 I love the little deer peeping curiously over the rocks at us.

Someone once asked me, "You've been practically everywhere (I was a church planting pastor's daughter), is there still anywhere you'd like to see?"

And I can sincerely answer, just Maine.  I would be content to stay here forever.  It truly is the most beautiful place on the face of the earth.

How is it that my heart still longs to be home (or how I can even call it that) in Ukraine?  "I don't understand," you say.  I'm not sure that I can completely understand it myself.  Maybe it is that my flesh loves Maine and my spirit (by God's grace and through His love) loves Ukraine.  What I do know is that for the short moment I am here, I will close my eyes and savor this moment.


  1. Beautiful pics, Jessica!

  2. I understand completely! And I think expressed it exactly right.

  3. This is beautiful!

    (Your new layout is really pretty, too. Would you be able to make the text area a little narrower?)

  4. wow!that last picture is totally amazing!



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