Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick Hi!

Where to begin?  I have written so many posts...just in my head.  I have MILLIONS of photos and picking which ones to share is going to be impossible.  For starters, we posted an update on our visas and the church in Ukraine on our ministry blog.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we get prepare to head back home.

 And I know you are all wondering, "Could that possibly be little Daniel?!?!"  Yes.  That chubby rascal is my Daniel.  He's not so tiny any more!!  (But he's still just as adorable!)

 The past few weeks I have felt about like these pictures and have not been feeling very well.  Praying that we can get things all figured out before we head back.  We are trying to take it easy and enjoy our time here.  This part of Maine is absolutely gorgeous! 
 We brought the kids down to the ocean a few times.  Each time I said we were just going to 'wade' into the water and not get wet, but this is what ended up happening...
 They were SO cute and had a BLAST.  I am surprised I got any face pictures at all because they were very busy. ;)  I LOVE this next picture.

 Sometimes just going with the flow makes the best pictures.

See what I mean?  His first taste of the ocean. :)
 Then we have our sea princess. (Yes. That is seaweed.)
The kids are growing so fast!  Sammy 'boy' is now 2. (He turned 2 in June, but I forgot to mention it.)

 And Anna turned 5 in August!  She's already talking about getting married, AHHHHH!!!  We told her she is going to have to wait a little while for that. ;)

 I know this was not much of an update, especially for having been missing in action for so long, but I need to get some sleep before my little guy decides he needs to eat again.  This is one of the only things I don't miss about them growing up 'cause I'm not much of a late night type of gal.  Hope you all have a good night/day! 


  1. Nice to "hear" from you, and a little catch up. Your kiddos are so sweet! Prayed for you this morning, and will pop over to your ministry blog to pray more intelligently! =)
    Love in Him,

  2. Beautiful children and beautiful pictures. I'd never be able to take such good pictures out in the bright sun at the beach! When the sun is shining, my little camera says, "Forget it!" :)

    I love the black and white picture of your baby in the grass. Brina has two bottom teeth just like that right now. I love it when they grin with those two bottom teeth. I'm going to go read up about your visas. Thanks for posting. Love ya!

  3. So nice to see those cute little faces! What sweet children you have. I'll be praying for your health.



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