Sunday, October 23, 2011

Counting the Days

Days are flying by now and we are starting to count the days until we welcome our new little guy into our family.  Even though we only have about 9 weeks left, and my babies have always come early (two came 2 weeks early), we still haven't settled on a name.  I know.  I'm awful.  It's not just this pregnancy though.  We usually don't decide on a name until right before the baby comes.  Guess it's just our tradition.  Anna suggested Moses, but she will settle for Daniel. ;)

Even though I still have 2 months, I'm already in the organizing stage.  Part of that could be that the days have gotten shorter and colder so we are stuck inside more.  Either way, I feel the need to constantly be getting some area in order and cannot nap anymore or spend more than a few minutes at a time on the computer...hence all of the photo posts. 

We have been keeping pretty busy.  Here's what's been going on around here:

1)  For starters, Slavic got saved last Friday!  You can read about that here.

2)  Even though Eric and I have already been passing out tracts, we started going out as a church last Friday.  Last week Lina, Max and Yuri went out.  The kids and I missed last week because we were sick, but we went out this Friday.    This week it was just our family, Lina and Max.  We are trying to put tracts in all of the doors in Vvedenka.  We are moving along pretty quickly.  After we finish, we will switch tracts and do it again.
3)  Baba Maroosa is not doing very well and has not been able to attend services in quite a while.  We are very burdened for her and would love to see her accept Christ before it is too late.  I am going to try to get over with Lina sometime this week and meet with her.  Please be praying for this meeting and her salvation.

4)  It has been encouraging to see some spiritual growth in our church people.  They are starting to see needs and are trying to fill them without just expecting us to take care of everything.  Slavic was in need of some shoes and Eric was planning on buying him some, but before we could Lina and Valentina looked at their homes to see if they had anything.  On Wednesday, Valentina brought him a pair of boots.  They have also started to bring more for the Sunday meals, which helps take some of the load off of me.  Today, Yuri was not able to make it to church but Kristina came anyways.  It may be small things, but definitely a blessing to see.

There is SO much more to write about but my brain has a writing limit lately and it has already been maxed out.  Good night! 



    praying for you!

  2. You are such a blessing to me! And such a cute pregnant tummy you have! So exciting to hear about the growth in your people, and I will be praying for your upcoming visit.

  3. Great and exciting report. I sure understand how the seemingly "little blessings" are actually very BIG blessings.

    Your pictures of your "baby belly" are beautiful. Hope your remaining time is profitable and restful as you prepare for his arrival.
    (p.s. I think Daniel is a great name for a little boy)

  4. Pretty, pretty pregnant gal!!!
    You are just glowing, Mama!

    How 'bout the names David, Nathanael, or Micah? :-) HeHeHe... just being fecitious since those are my boys's names!



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