Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday's Surprise

Otkroshka...a cold Ukrainian soup (click here for a recipe).

The closer I got to the birth of Sammy, the more I was missing my mom and wishing that she could come over. I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself and "all alone". Over the past two weeks, though, I have been overwhelmed with all that the ladies at our church have done to help me. They have cooked for me, cleaned and helped take care of the kids, many of them would not accept payment even though they make under $100 a month. I may still miss having my mom here but I am SO thankful that God has given us such a caring group of ladies. On Sunday, they surprised me even more. It was Sammy's first Sunday so I came prepared to take pictures.

The surprise? A baby shower! I almost cried!
Anna "trying on" Sammy's clothes

Vladamir Vonavich holding Samy (Read about his salvation and baptism.)

The kids after church.

God has definitely blessed us!


  1. so beautiful!! im so happy they had a shower for you, thats awesome. wish mom could have been there too. your such a strong person and an incredible romodel for me. love you

  2. Wow! A suprise baby shower. Isn't it neat how the Lord reminds us of His love?
    The pictures are GREAT! You have a beautiful family.
    Question - do you do you pictures in "photo bucket"?

  3. Kelly in IrelandJune 30, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    How sweet! I love the pics, thanks for sharing! and of course I am continuing to pray for you and Sammy's papers!

  4. We have our own family that God blesses us with, then He gives us a family of brothers and sisters in Christ to bless us. He is so faithful!

  5. Rachel, I use picnik.com for my pictures. You cannot store all of your pictures there without a membership. I just save them to my computer after working on them.



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