Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Week with Sammy

Can it really be that my little guy is already almost one week old? Time passes so fast! When I look at the girls it's hard to imagine that they were once this little.

Both of the girls LOVE their little brother and rush to him every time he cries telling me that he needs a new diaper or milk or just needs to be picked up. They would spoil him if they could. He is happiest when he can see and hear them.

Tomorrow Eric will be visiting my doctor to tell her about the birth and try to get his papers so we can work on getting his birth certificate. Please be praying about this meeting. I'm always nervous until we have their papers in our hands. Before we get them, the doctor will of course want to check me and the baby. Pray that we can not only get the papers, but that we can get them without any problems.


  1. Once again...CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have a beautiful (or should I say HANDSOME) little guy. My first three children are three years apart. A challenging time, yet so worth it. Enjoy the children you have been blessed with.

  2. He is precious. CONGRATS!!! What a blessing. He is adorable


  3. Oh, Jessica... you have THREE LITTLE DOLLS! They are just so adorably cute!



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