Friday, June 25, 2010

Sammy's Papers

Eric just got back from the hospital in Chagooiv. No. The kids and I didn't end up going with him. Just before we headed out the door, Eric decided to call the doctor again and ask what they were wanting to do. He found out that they were planning on me and the baby staying there for two days and having some test done. He told them we weren't willing to do that and there was no reason to do tests when we were perfectly healthy. My doctor there actually said that we had the right to have a baby at home and to refuse tests, "Just don't tell anyone that I said that." So, Eric decided to go by himself first to see the second-in-command doctor (the head doctor is on vacation). When he got to the hospital, the doctor had already left telling the nurse to just have us stay 24 hours and give us our own room and bathroom. Eric is planning on going to meet with him tomorrow to try to work something out. I told Eric that maybe we should just stay 24 hours...WITH the girls. hehe. Think they'll go for that?


  1. Thanks for posting regular updates. Praying for God to work all things out. Are you recovering from your cold?

  2. Congratulations! I hope you get everything worked out. Praying for you!!!



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