Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vodka or Water?

That's what I get for going to the doctor's by myself, without a translator. I can usually get around pretty good without a translator but I've never tried going to the doctor's without a translator and I was REALLY nervous, so some mistakes are to be expected. It makes it even worse that I speak too quietly when I'm nervous.

In English, those two words sound nothing alike. In Russian they are kinda close...closer than I realized. (Vodka-stress on the first part...Voda (water)- stress on the last.) So when the nurse asked me if I had had anything to eat or drink that morning and I said voda in my quiet manner and stress in the wrong place, I got a REALLY strange look. She then asked me "Vodka or Voda?" I quickly clarified. Overall, I didn't do too bad...I think. We'll see once Lina looks at the paperwork to see what else I said. (They were asking me questions about any diseases I had formerly and sometimes I just answered no, not fully knowing what they were asking. Figured that was the safest way to go since I've never had any diseases or illnesses.)

That was yesterday. Today I brought Anna to the doctor (with a translator...though I think I could have made it fine ;)) and she had her brace taken off. She was SO excited that she barely stopped talking and singing all day! The doctor made me feel like I was an awful parent and told me that we need to be even more careful this time that she doesn't break her collar bone again. I was going to explain to him that I really tried last time and how impossible it is to keep Anna from falling, but decided just to leave it alone. Prayer is the only thing that is going to keep her from breaking it again.


  1. So glad Anna got her brace taken off! Way to go, MOM! (And, don't worry... the doctors here are good at making us feel bad. Next time, just ask them how many kids THEY have! Just kidding - don't really do that!!!)

    You're doing great! And, I was very impressed with your Russian skills... Keep up the super work!

  2. Thanks, Jolene. Sometimes feels like I've actually taken steps backwards in the language, but decided to just do it anyways...you guys were a big encouragement to me to do that.

  3. don't let the docs make you feel bad. Kids will just be kids. My 2 year old is always climbing our barred windows and doorways to touch the ceiling! (smile) Maria



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