Thursday, March 11, 2010

Living on the Train

Lately I feel like my second home is on the train. Late last Wednesday night, Eric and I boarded the train to Kiev to have pages added to our passports. We only spent about 30 minutes at the American Embassy (always amazed at how quickly and smoothly they get things done), then we headed over to TGIF for Eric's birthday lunch.

A few days later, I again boarded the train, except this time with Valentina and Lina and headed down to Simferopol for their Women's Day Banquet on Monday. On the train we had a great time of fellowship and I got a LOT of Russian practice. The ladies are still talking about our trip. It was a huge blessing to them to meet so many other Ukrainians of like faith. The Sloan family hosted us while we were there and went way out of their way to make us comfortable. If you would like to read more about the work the Lord is doing in the church there you can visit Jolene's blog or the VanSant's web site.

Even though we had a great time, I was excited to get home and see my husband and girls. This was the first time that Eric has watched them for more than a few hours and only my second overnight away from them. They were all pretty excited to have me home. Anna kept telling me that she loved me and missed me and "Anna's happy Mama's home." Lydia just kept saying "Mama" and hugging me. Eric had the dishes done and even tried making no-bake cookies! I was quite impressed...even if I couldn't quite eat them. (The vanilla here is a little different and you usually only need about half of what is called for in a recipe.)

I have been amazed at how much I've been able to accomplish in the short time I've been home...and even managed a few naps! So far I've "spring cleaned" the bathroom and living room. Wednesday I spent the day at the doctor's office with Anna. They said she is healing well and should be able to have the brace taken off the 23rd of March.

I have so much I want to post but just haven't been able to find time for blogging these days. I have to make the choice between the computer or a nap...and lately, I've chosen the nap. We are in the proccess of re-arranging our schedule so we'll see how everything fits. In just a few more weeks, we'll be boarding the train again - this time with the girls - to head to Poland to renew our visas.


  1. It was such a JOY to have you here, Jessica! My only regret is that we did not have more time to fellowship! And, next time I hope to get to meet all of your family. Thank you so much for coming down and bringing your sweet ladies with you. You were such a blessing to us and it was a special honor to have you come.

  2. Hi, So you have your babies in Ukraine? I also have had my last 2 here. Nice to see another missionary doing that.

  3. Yes. We know that things can go wrong no matter where you are. We'd rather have our babies here IN the will of God than in America OUT of the will of God. Though I'm afraid I'm not always as trusting as I need to be.



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