Saturday, March 27, 2010

Full and Fun Friday

Early Friday morning we headed over to Yuri and Christina's to help them plant their cucumbers. I almost didn't go because I thought the girls and I would just be in the way, but decided to go anyways just for support - and to take pictures. I'm SO glad I did! The girls and I had tons of fun. I didn't end up getting many pictures because 1) I worked the whole time and 2) forgot my camera at home. Thankfully, Eric had his phone so I could take a few pictures.

Just one example of Ukrainian creativity and resourcefulness.

Eric and Christina covering one of the tables of cucumbers.

A few pictures of the girls. As you can see, they enjoyed themselves. They even got to plant one cumcumber seed each!

This was just the beginning of their play time. By the time we were finished, not only were they covered head to toe in dirt, but they had also each decided to take a bite!

We went over to be a blessing to them, but I think that they ended up being more of a blessing to us. They were so grateful for the help that not only did they feed us (MMM she made the BEST chicken I have EVER had! I don't think I can ever cook chicken for her again after eating hers!), but showered us with gifts. They gave us pickles, a few other canned goods and most of their last bag of walnuts from their tree. Christina even tried to give me a beautiful new sweater! In the whole time that I have known Christina I have never seen her wear a new item of clothing. Her willingness to make such a sacrifice was very humbling and a lesson in giving. At the end of the day Yuri said, "Hmmmm. What can we do next Friday?"

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