Monday, March 29, 2010

Living Room/Our Room

After much time and a few email requests, I am finally posting some new pictures of my little doll house. Why do I call it that? Well, it's not an oversized, stuffy, cold castle but it reminds me more of a little doll house, which I get to play in and with every day. Which is part of the reason that I have not added new pictures...I've been constantly arranging and rearranging. I've even gotten Eric to move the piano and couch for me once! (Though he has said he will not be doing that again.)

Instead of just one post, I'm going to be posting pictures one room at a time (maybe not one post right after another-but eventually you'll see all of the rooms). For two reasons,
1) I can post more pictures of one room and 2) I can't seem to get all of the rooms to be "picture ready" at the same time. They were ready, but now we don't have water, so my bathroom is filled with laundry and I have lots of jugs for getting water hanging around.

The layout of our house. (Proportions are not right.)

My little dolls in my little doll house.

See that green thing Anna is playing with? It's a box that has been haunting my living room all winter. I've finally decided, if I can't have it moved, I'll just make it work for me. Now I just have to get to the garage to find something prettier to cover it with.

Hope you enjoyed the first stop in our tour. If you were visiting, this is where we would be spending most of our time enjoying a cup of tea-or coffee, if you prefer. :)

If you didn't see the house before, you can go here (video), here (video), here, here, or here (in order from oldest to newest). The last one is actually a video of the house after it was completed, just a different arrangement. (Eric's office was behind the couch.)


  1. Love your dollhouse, Jessica! Maybe I'll get to visit you there someday! (And, I'll take coffee!)

    Love ya!

  2. Jessica, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of you and your daughters on the bottom of your post. How did you do that? Is that digital scrapbooking? Maria

  3. Would LOVE to have you visit, Jolene!. We don't have a coffee maker yet, though. You'll have to let me know in advance so you don't have to drink the fake stuff. ;)

    Thank you, Maria. I use a website called Even without a membership, they have a ton of neat things you can do with pictures.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Just saw the comment you left on my blog. Thanks for stopping by. Just love the header on your blog. It is soooo "Ukrainian."
    Hope you had a good Easter.



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