Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anna had her second visit with the doctor on Thursday and it was a totally different experience than the first visit. As soon as we walked into the room, Anna started crying, but the nurses were SO sweet and gentle with her that she didn't cry for long. They let her sit on my lap while they worked on her bandage and talked with her. They loved it whenever she talked to them in Russian and seemed like they would have kept us all day...or Anna at least. She had another x-ray done and the doctor said that the bone was setting well. She is still wearing the eight brace thing, but should be able to have it off around the 12th of February. I must admit I was a little nervous about how the bone was setting because she had fallen at least 6 times between those two visits, and probably about that many just since our visit on Thursday! She now not only has a big, bumpy brace on, but a big black and blue bump on her forehead! (Pictured above, don't know how well you can see it though.) I don't think I ever remember her getting hurt this much BEFORE she broke her collar bone.

The following day as Eric was coming back from teaching a Bible study to a man named Boris (he taught the lesson himself WITHOUT a translator :)), he was attacked by a big, German shepherd. The dog latched onto his leg for a little while and left a nasty scar. Though his leg is still pretty sore, we are praising the Lord that the dog's teeth did not go very deep.

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