Sunday, June 2, 2013


The past few weeks have been exciting ones for us, but today was probably one of the more exciting days.  We had two baptisms today and one was Anna's!  She could not contain her excitement and was bouncing around all day.  She was up and dressed before I got out of bed this morning and said, "Do you know why I got up so early this morning?  Because I'm excited to get baptized!"

Olea also made the decision to get baptized.  It was such a blessing to be able to attend her baptism!  I almost missed taking pictures of her because I was on the wrong side and had to scramble over to get a clear view.  I did get a few pictures of her going into the water and you can tell by her face that it was COLD, but I'll refrain from posting those ones since she may not appreciate everyone seeing her make faces.
 Anna this morning told Lydia and Sammy that when she was baptized she would have to close her eyes, nose and mouth.  Well, she kept her nose "closed" the entire time and closed her eyes, but I think she had a hard time closing her mouth - she was smiling so big!

Anna wanted to make sure that Grampy and Grammy saw her pictures so thought I'd better post them right case she asks me in the morning. ;)


  1. Oh, Jessica! This is so precious! I just loved seeing Anna's permanent grin in every picture. :-)

  2. You must have been bouncing off the walls too :)! That is so exciting!! Those pictures are so sweet.



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