Sunday, May 12, 2013

30 Weeks

6 years ago today I celebrated my first Mother's Day.  I was pregnant with Anna and we had only been in Ukraine for a couple weeks.  God has truly blessed me since then!
Time is passing quickly.  Not too much longer until we will be cradling our little baby girl.  The girls are already singing "Happy Birthday, Baby Abigail."  And I think Sammy has finally accepted the fact that he is having a baby sister instead of a baby boy.  Lydia wanted a girl because she said, "We have enough boys." hehe


  1. So cute! You look great and I love your little baby bump. Abigail is the name we've had picked out for our last three (boys, lol!). Love it!

  2. Such beautiful pictures of you, Jessica! And, I love your backdrop... very cool!

  3. You look absolutely radiant! Such a cute baby bump. I think it is time for another update :) in your "free time!"
    Praying for you and little Abagail♥!



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