Monday, December 10, 2012

Home and Ministry

Life seems to be moving on at such a fast speed, I feel like I'm always trying to catch up.  I purchased the Maxwells' books on home management and chores, but haven't had the time to actually build a schedule.  When we got home, I was going to wait to start school until I could get things more in order, but thought "Better to just move on."  Life has been moving ever since.  Anna is in her first "official" year of school and Daniel makes sure to keep it interesting.  Either I am lugging him around (he is SO heavy now!) or he is getting into everything, which means major clean up after.

At home, I am still trying to adjust to the electricity and we have had a few times when I had the stove and burners on, only to end up with 4 screaming babies as the lights went out - all of this WHILE I'm sitting on the toilet.  I think I've finally figured it out.  Keeping up with the laundry has proven interesting...and doesn't happen.  There are only certain times I can run the washer to make sure I can use the stove or heater.  I'll eventually get it...maybe about the time summer comes, then I won't have to worry about it. ;)

I know a schedule is the answer to my problems and I need to make it a priority.  The kids have been helping with chores, and are a blessing - especially Anna.  She has been washing the dishes for me after every meal (except for the cooking/baking dishes, I do those).  I can't believe how well she is doing!  It has been such a relief to have her help!  Lydia has been sweeping around the table after meals and is getting better at it.  Sammy's job is to wipe the table...which we help with otherwise Lydia wouldn't be too happy about all the mess on her clean floor.

So that's home life right just have to add in some girls twirling every chance they get and some boys "brrrroooom"ing cars.

Church has been going well.  We have a good group of over 20 coming on a regular basis!  Almost all of them are unsaved.  Eric will be starting Bible lessons with a girl named Natasha on Wednesdays and with Olya on Fridays.  He is also teaching the adult Sunday School class without a translator now.  I am so proud of him!

In the children's Sunday school, we have 6 kids...except the Sunday I took the picture.  Bogdan was missing that day.  They are playing a review game in the picture.

This past Sunday was their third week in the bell choir.  The two previous Sundays were very chaotic and I couldn't get them to only play their bells on their turns.  This week, I said  I would take bells from those who played out of turn.  I had to take a few bells (one being Sammy's), but we actually played through The First Noel a few times AND it sounded pretty good!  I am beginning to have hope that we might actually be able to play something recognizable. ;)

We have also started practicing for our Christmas play, which we won't do until the Ukrainian Christmas on January 6th.  I am very excited about it, even though our first practice was anything but orderly.  It is easy enough where I think they can do a good job, yet has such a powerful salvation message.  I know I said it before...but I am very excited about it.

Thursday I will be going to the city and while I am there, I will be TRYING to find a material I like for the church curtains.  I would love to be able to sew one curtain a week...but we will see.  The reason for my visit to the city is, I have been invited to speak at a private school to the English class.  I would love your prayers as I am nervous about it, but praying that God could also use it to be a testimony not only to the class, but also the teacher, who has visited at our home twice since we've returned.  I have been told not to "preach" but share with them about America.  Even though I will not be spending my visit teaching a Bible lesson, I plan on sharing why we are in Ukraine and a brief plan of salvation.  I know that it will not be enough for them to probably make a decision for Christ, but I pray it will be enough to stir interest in them to read their Bible.  I guess that is my goal, to create in them a thirst for the Bible as it is the Word of God which works upon hearts. 

Well it is WAY past my least lately.  I have been so exhausted that I am usually out before the kids!  (The boys go to bed at 7:30, the girls have quiet time in their rooms.)


  1. Actually, a strict schedule like in that book might just cause stress. That's what it would do for me, in the midst of life with unpredictable little ones and unpredictable surroundings like water and electricity that do what they want to do! A routine and flow to the days and weeks works much better for my family and many others that I've talked to. But then again, maybe that kind of schedule would be just perfect for your family. :-)

    Also, for school, I use nap/quiet time. That's what keeps me sane. I was worried about giving up that little bit of "me time" or my own naps when my oldest got to school age, but I've found that for me, it's more energizing and helpful to have a good focused school time while the little ones are out of the picture than to struggle around and over them all morning.

    Sorry for the unsolicited advice. I'm praying for you!

  2. May the Lord use your words to plant seeds and initiate conversation.

  3. Enjoyed peaking into your day :). I can just picture your adorable littles helping out ... be faithful in teaching them and rest in knowing that it will be well worth the time you invest now! We found the Maxwell's books a real blessing, though I must confess we have our own family version :). So excited about your opportunity to speak to the English class!!!God's Word will not return void! Praying as you share your testimony. Praying for the 20 unsaved souls that are coming regularly, may they see their need of salvation. ~Better end you need your rest :)~ Growing babies takes work :)! Praying for you friend :).



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