Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Furlough ~Family~

Ask any missionary what the best part of furlough is (along with Pizza Hut, etc.) and they will probably say, spending time with family.
 {Daniel with great-grammy Grover.  Daniel was born in her basement-apartment.}

Since we went to Ukraine in 2007, this is the first time that the grandparents have really gotten to spend time with the kids.
 The kids are loving it too.  I am so glad that they will be able to have some memories with their grandparents and great grandparents.

 {Sammy with my Mimi.}

They get to have fun with the 3 older ones, then when they are tired, cuddle baby Daniel.

We cherish every moment we had with the grandparents in Maine and cherishing every moment with our sweet growing {fastly} baby boy.

 {From Great-grammy Grover's kitchen window.  Maine}

We have left the beautiful state of Maine and have started traveling {with 4 -4-under!!}.  Can't wait to see my family in June!


  1. Sweet grandparent pictures and darling, darling baby pictures. Makes me want to hold him too!

    You all be safe and try to rest... as much as you can with traveling with four under fours!!!

  2. Lots and lots of pictures. Do your kids like to look at pictures like mine do? My kids relive the memories over and over when they look at the pictures. So thankful we have cameras!!!

    Take care and keep blogging when you have time. I love hearing what is going on.

    Praying for you.



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