Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time to Plant

It's planting time here in the little village of Vedenka Ukraine.  Our village is famously known for their cucumbers, which can even be found in Moscow, Russia!  This is our second year helping Yuri and Christina with planting their cucumbers.  It only takes us an hour to 1 1/2 to do what would take them 7 -8!

The ladies planted, the guys watered
but it is God who will give the increase!

The adults aren't the only ones who have been looking forward to this day, the kids have been anxiously awaiting this get-as-dirty-as-you-want day too.  So, while the kids played...

...and Sammy slept...
(don't you just want to cuddle him in your arms and kiss him?)

we worked. least Yuri and Christina did.

I don't know how many seeds we planted (I think someone mentioned around 2,000), but it was a lot!

We all left a little dirtier and tired, but happy. 

At a time when everyone here is planting and watering,
God has entrusted us with a different seed we are to be planting...
The Gospel.
Even though our church can not be here in the village yet,
we have already started our planting
and are excited and waiting on God to give the incease.
Please be praying for our seeds to fall on good ground.

1 comment:

  1. This was very good! I thoroughly enjoyed the pics of you all, and I agree with the statment above Sammy's pic! ;) May God bless your efforts on both 'seed plantings'. Love and miss you!



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