Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Sit By an Adult

I cannot believe another week has passed!  Time seems to fly by quicker here in Ukraine...and it cannot possibly be just because I'm getting old because even Bree has noticed it!  I always have so many things I want to post but the line-up for computer time has grown - though I definitely don't mind the sacrifice since it means I have fellowship and help. :)
On Thursday, Eric watched the kids (ALL three) so Bree and I could go to the second hand store.  As we weaved our way quickly down the mazes on our road, I remembered - I forgot my phone!  So we ran back to the house and then ran to the train station, in our very impractical village shoes...and we didn't break anything or even fall!  Now, that is pretty amazing!  We boarded the train with make-up running down our faces.  Once we got into the city, we then had to take the metro (subway) to the second hand store...all of this only to find out that they closed an hour before we got there!  Oh, well.  Brianna enjoyed experiencing the train and the metro.  We ended up sitting down at a little cafe drinking hot tea while eating salad and blinies while we waited for the train. 

The train ride home was interesting.  First a lady came up and wanted to give me some walnuts.  I had already had the cashier try to keep 5 greeven when I bought our tickets, so I was thinking she was trying to get me to buy the nuts from her or something like that.  A little while later, some drunk guys got on the train and sat down in front of us.  The started invading our space a little.  We immediately jumped up and went into another wagon.  When we got off at our village, we met up with the lady who had given us the walnuts and she walked a ways with us.  She said "Don't be scared.  Young people drink.  If you are bothered again, just go sit by an adult. (That made me feel pretty good...but it was dark, so she couldn't see my wrinkles.)  Or if I'm on the train, you can come sit with me."  She asked if we hang out at the dance club.  This gave me the opportunity to talk to her a little bit and give her a tract. 

Since she arrived in Ukraine, Bree has been sharing a room with the girls.  But since she will be here for a while, we figured out a way to give her her own little space.  (Did I mention that she doesn't have a return ticket?  My mom said I couldn't keep her forever, but maybe just half of forever.)  She was pretty excited about her little "princess" spot...

...and so were the girls.

Before we put the mattress in there, we decided to have a little tea party.
It was more of a pajama tea party.  (Somebody still needed to fix those poor girls' hair.)

It is getting cold here again but I am still praying that I can get our neighbor, Baba Nora, to come over for tea tomorrow.

I have a few more things I want to write, but I'll save those for another post.  We are "speaking" at a supporting church's mission's conferences at 1 AM through skype, so right now I am trying to decide whether to go to sleep or just stay awake.  I'm leaning towards sleeping so Goodnight!

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